Download Top 10 Best Mehndi Designs For karva Chauth


In India whenever there is a whisper about some festival one word that prompts in every ear is Mehndi. Mehndi is associated with each and every festival ranging from weddings to the yearly occasion of karva chauth. List of 10 Indian best mehndi designs that will transform the look from simplicity to being more traditional yet more classy depending on preference pattern


It is one of the prime rituals of all the major traditional events. Indian Best Mehndi designs vary from being simple moon shaped curves based on the notion of beauty in simplicity to a complete array of complicated tangles favoring delicate designs that are awe strucking.









Main highlights of Indian styles are the peacock patterns that are the most common and easy to apply, flowers that equally hold an eminent place as these can be conveniently carved on the hand and some other curves and twisted curls requiring a bird’s eye attention to get a proper finishing. One prominent feature is that there are not much empty spaces left between the designs. Indeed, it is considered that more compact the design better is its show.



Depending upon the urgency of the event, one can apply these designs easily at home or call some professional to have a delicate touch. There are certain designs that appear to be simple but when it comes to their application it is quite a hard job to go about requiring proper professional approach.

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