List of Top 10 Activities to do in Seychelles

List of Top 10 Activities to do in Seychelles

Seychelles is an island located in the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is a perfect place for natural splendors. Seychelles has all facility of sparkling ocean water, sizzling beaches, lofty mountains and many more things to enjoy.

There is large range of things to do in Seychelles but here are some top things of them to do in Seychelles. Seychelles is the perfect place to spend the vacations and experience about new things and a new world.

1. Enjoy the awesome view from Petit Amour

Petit Amour provides the luxuries life to the customers. It you want to go at some royal place then you should go to the Petit Amour which will give a higher satisfaction and provide a best view to enjoy all things.

2. Sunbathing on the beaches

Seychelles is known for its sparkling ocean water and beautiful beaches, so people can enjoy the best experience of sunbathing on the beaches of Seychelles. It gives them a new experience of these things.

3. Visit the Morne National Park

Moren National Park is the favorite hotspot among the nature lovers and trekkers in Seychelles. It provides the one of the most thrilling activities to do in Seychelles. It is perfect place for adventure enthusiasts.

4. Rock climbing

In Seychelles rock climbing is the most adventures trip for the visitors. They challenge themselves to climb the granite massive outcrops of Mahe. Many experts help them in rock climbing to provide the safety to the tourists.

5. Scuba diving and snorkeling

One of the best things to do in Seychelles is to go for scuba diving and snorkeling. It has many place for scuba diving in which northern island river is the best. Different snorkeling spots provide different activities to customers.

6. Experience a different world

Seychelles is the one of the most beautiful place in the world and it has different place to go for and enjoy the trip. People find everything here and they are satisfied with the entire place which includes thrilling activities and adventures spots.

7. Visit a tiny town

Seychelles has the world’s small city there. People who visit there can get benefited by visiting the tiny town. This tour can give them the best experience of different activities.

8. Enjoy the delicious Seychellois food

Seychelles is known for the best delicious foods. There are many hotels available which offer different delicious Seychellois food items to the customers and provide them all information for cooking those dishes.

9. Walking the Copolia Trail

Trekkers and hikers take a vacation in Seychelles must go for Copolia Trail in Mahe Island. They will walk on the hill top which offers jaw dropping view of the island. Its sparkling white send beaches attract many peoples.

10. Taking a vallee de Mai Tour

Vallee de Mai is considered as one of the visit places of Praslin Island of Seychelles. It is the rarest place on the earth where coco de mer palm grow in their natural form.

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