Top 10 Most Effective Activities To Release Your Stress Of Hectic Day


A segment of society says that in order to be stress bursting the activity needs to be difficult, however, others opine that for an activity to be stress releasing it need not be difficult. My views are in synchronization with the viewpoints of the latter group. A stress bursting activity is the one that releases your stress and gives you a break from the monotony of life. Be it easy or be it difficult is not the matter of concern. Here I have compiled for you top 10 most effective activities to release your stress of hectic day. All the below mentioned activities are easy to pursue and there is no need for you to go anywhere, all that you need to do is spend time with oneself. These are as follows:

1.Diary writing


Keeping a diary is like having an intimate friend in whom you can confine without the fear of judgmental reciprocation. There is but one rule, be honest to your diary and pen down everything. Write every detail from the start of the day to the end of it. Initially it will be like a task for you but gradually it will become a habit of yours. Keeping a diary not only helps you keep track of your highs and lows but also keeps you motivated. Reading old diary entries remind you of your growth and how far have you walked. Keeping a diary entitles you to express your innermost thoughts honestly. This is one thing that helps you to shred off all your emotions in the form of words.

2.Read a book


Go get yourself a book. It may belong to any genre but assure that the theme interests you. Let the depth of the words and the satements engross you to an extent that you forget about your worries and all other ordly affairs. Concentrating on the book will help you to relax the tension of muscles. Reading books have a mesmerizing effect on you that carries you to an all together different world where there is no place for your worries.

3.Watch a movie


Watching a movie makes you more creative. This creativity gives you the power to control your thought. This control lets you live a satisfied life. Movies are a big entertainer, and that is a well known fact. Every time you  begin to watch a movie you have a completely different mind set but once you end up watching the same you will clearly see a difference in yourself. Your mood swings to an entirely different direction and most of the time it is a motivational stress bursting swing.

4.Dress yourself


Dress up not to let others glance at you but for yourself so that every time you cross a window pane or the mirror and incidently see you reflection then you have one thing in mind , “how happy and charming this soul can be”. Do not wait for the occasions. Instead make your life a celebration for which you need to be always ready so as to celebrate the same. Looking good and knowing the same boosts confidence. A simple dress can do magic, only if you believe it can.

5.Take a bath


Soothe your muscles and relax by just having a warm water bath, a chilled cold water bath or a bubble bath. Bathing reduces blood pressure and relax not only your body but also your mind by lifting out the harmful toxins of the body and leaving your skin soft and supple. Adding  Sea Salt Soak is a therapeutic soak that acts as a great purifier that dissipates negative energy as its alkaline properties  help to lower the acidity of the body and cleanse it. Bathing is the best time that you can spend with yourself.

6.Get a massage


Pampering your muscles by pressing and massaging them is yet another way to dissolve away anxiety, depression and pain. Additionally, it can also boost immunity as a  massage can increase the blood flow and plump up skin. Not only this but it can also curb headaches and improve sleep. A massage is a great way to reduce stress after a hectic day and has proven benefits to the body. A single session of massage can cause biological changes in your bodies. It leads to increase in white blood cells that are part of the immune system.

7.Great food


One place where you need an unbiased concentration is the kitchen. A minute carelessness on your part can spoil the charm of your cookery.Cooking and eating, both can be therapeutic. You need to assure that you have good food, wines, chocolates or ice-creams to complete your day with utter dedication and hard work. Cook what makes you happy and eat what gives you good health.



Speaking your mind out is one of the best ways to release the pent up feelings in your mind and give relaxation to your tired soul.Talk to people and be polite to them. Make all the pending calls and reply everyone you could not reply because of the busy day. Do not leave behind humans in this rat race of money. This is the best way to release stress because words left unspoken can haunt you for long.

9.Warm drink


Make yourself a warm drink as these have antioxidants which are good for the body. Also these give you  quick energy after a hectic day. Antioxidants refers to the function of a group of substances in combating Free Oxygen Radicals that have an unopposed electrical charge due to electrons and are highly reactive and unstable. They react with biological compounds in the body causing damage to living tissue, which help the body. So have a warm drink, enjoy the health benefits and most importantly reflect back to what has happened with you all through the day.



Last but no east is meditation on our list. This connects you to the divine power as in this process you do not allow the thoughts to settle at one place but let them come and go. This way you enjoy the flashback on your day and get assured that nothing stays for long.

All in all, try these top 10 most effective activities to release your stress of hectic day.


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