Top 10 Most Effective Ways So As To Fight Anxiety


There are many emotions that a person experiences throughout the day. Many people have the  inner power to control the extent to which they feel the same but not all have the same. There are many people who instead of being able to control anxiety are in turn controlled by the anxiety. This is not at all a good or a healthy thing. At present it might seems to just be a phase or a passing moment but actually it is a detrimental thing for your health. It not only makes you lose the inner peace but also does damage to your mental health. So we need to fight the same.  Here are the Top 10 Most Effective Ways So As To Fight Anxiety.

It is definitely not easy to live with an enemy like anxiety. Today it may appear to be a trivial issue to you but remember in the long term it will not be the same. You will have to face more problems that you might be facing today. It is a well -known saying that, “prevention is better than cure”. So you need to keep a check on your anxiety and control the same today. For thousands of people who are falling prey to this evil every day we have compiled a list of effective ways of controlling the same. Top 10 most effective ways to fight anxiety are as follows:


1. Have a control over your breath


Every time you feel anxious do two things. Either take a deep breath or try to slow down and reduce your breathing. Do not speed up breathing instead try to take deeper breaths. Have a control over your breath. Make it slower and shallower. Breathe in slowly, gently through your nose for about 5 to 7 seconds, then hold it for about three or four seconds. Then slowly release. Repeat this exercise ten to twenty times.

2. Find anyone who is friendly and talk


You need to distract your mind. One of the effective ways to do so is to talk to someone you like and trust. Instead of being shy about your anxiety share your feelings. This will not only release your feelings but help you control the same and build confidence. Also you will be able to secure right advice.

3. Go in for physical activities like Aerobics


Anxiety leaves your body flooded with the adrenaline rush. Instead of satisfying the same by troubling yourself, get rid of it by pursuing the activities like aerobics. This will help you employ the extra energy that your body has by channelling it in a positive way. Exercising burns away stress hormones that create anxiety symptoms thereby reducing excess energy and tension.

4. Know your relaxation mantra


Everybody has something in their routine that gives them peace. You need to find the same thing for yourself. What is it tat gives you peace? what one thing or activity has the power to distract your mind.? You need to find the answer to this question and you half the battle is won. This can be any activity, including bathing, the most effective way to deal anxiety.

5. Consider Kava


One of the most effective natural way to get rid of anxiety is the anti-anxiety herb, Kava. Have an interaction with your doctor and start having it on the regular basis.

6. Convert Your Anxious Thinking


Trick your anxiety filled thoughts. Have an optimistic outlook towards things. Make it happen that you find something positive. Channel your thoughts properly. There is no reason to believe something is wrong neither an evidence to prove something is wrong. Tell your mind that it is just anxiety and you will get over it.

7. Some good music at your disposal


Yes, turn on the music. Not any random but the one you like and start playing. Engross yourself into it. Shut your ears to the outside world. It is only you and music. Drenched yourself into the powers of the music and see what miracles it can do to you.

8. Dispose it off by letting it out


The most simple way to get rid of all this is the disposal method. Do one thing that is very simple. Instead of trying to hide your feelings. Find yourself a place that is safe and at the same time where you can laugh, scream, punch pillows, talk to yourself etcetera. This will immediately release your feelings and give you the internal peace.

9. Have some bed sports


Ask you partner and have a sex. This is the most useful activity or the useful distracting physical activity that releases the endorphins and helps you feel more relaxed and less tense. Bed sports can do miracles to control and get rid of the anxiety, only if you are totally into the person. This is not a myth as many of you believe but a reality

10. Its only today that you live for


Learn to live for today it is one of the most important things that psychologists and counselors teach to the ones who are suffering. Let yourself experience the fear and then face it. It is only today, have that mind -set. Slowly your anxiety will begin to fade away. Though there is no rapid cure but having this mind set can help a lot. So try following this and see the change in yourself.

All in all, these are the most effective ways to fight anxiety. A one step a day can prevent you from falling prey to it. In case you already suffer then this is your path back to the normal life style. Start applying these today and see a difference for yourself you will surely begin to get less anxious about each and everything that happens in your surroundings. Anxiety controlled is an evil killed. So do it today, if not for yourself then for those who love to see you happy and whom you cannot disappoint.

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