Top 10 Most Healthy Fruits That You Must Have This Summer

Most Healthy Fruits

Fruit is one thing that is liked by everybody all the time. Seasons of the year change one after another. With change in the season comes the changes in the weather, some season are associated with hotness others with dryness.  Now as this is the summer season so different types of fruits have flooded the market. There is a reason behind why certain fruits are consumed in the specific seasons only. The most prominent when is the nutrient and protein ratio. Most fruits have antioxidants and this is the reason you should intake the same to stay fresh. Also these fruits keep you rejuvenated in the summer. Here is the list of top 10 healthy fruits you must have this summer:

1.The perfect pineapple


Pineapple is one of the 10 healthy fruits you must have this summer. It is rich in enzymes in addition to being rich in vitamin and antioxidants. Pineapple is also popularly termed as the anti-inflammation cocktail. Not only this, but it is a great fruit to help fight ailments like colon cancer, macular degeneration and arthritis. This is one fruit that must mark its presence in the refrigerator at your home.

2.Watermelon is a healer


As the color indicates this fruit has a direct connection with your heart. You need to consume this fruit on a regular basis. If you do so then you can notice that the level of arginine rises in your body. To add, the fruit also has the right amount of amino acid. This helps in the normal blood flow to the source of ticker. Not only this, but the fruit also has the high level of citruline. All in all, watermelon has several advantages to add to your survival in the summers.

3.The curing kiwi


Kiwi is one of the most expensive fruit. The content of vitamin C in this fruit is more than that in orange. Alternatively, Kiwi is known by the other name of giant berry. The fruit is rich in potassium, fibre and vitamin E. You can eat kiwi the same way as you can go in for apples. Consumption of kiwi will give you plenty of nutritional values. The fruit will surely help you stay fit all throughout the summer.

4.The magic of guava in summer


Guava is an acidic fruit and one of the healthy fruits you must have this summer. Guava is rich in contents of lycopene. This is the kind of antioxidant which helps in fighting prostate cancer. Guava is asserted to be a fruit rich in fibre. You can enjoy this nutritional supplement all throughout summer and the fruit is not even that expensive.

5.Pear is a great summer fruit


This can help you stay a fit throughout the summers. It has great cooling powers. In addition to this, the fruit is rich in vitamin C. While selecting the fruit you should first feel the softness at the end of the stem. A ripe pear is something more than what you cannot expect in summer. In addition to being a healthy fruit it is also tasty and easy to carry with you.

6.Mango is the real summer fruit


This fruit is popularly termed as the king of the fruits. This is the perfect summer fruit. It is rich in Vitamin C and A. also, Mango comes with a healthy dosage of beta carotene. This fruit also has medicinal properties and this is the best fruit that can help you against the prevention of cancer. Not only this,  but the intake of the fruit is sure to make your skin feel soft in addition to glowing. This is a must have fruit in summer.

7.Coconut is good for summer


Though not considered specifically a fruit by a lay man, Coconut is  great for summer. Not only is it a perfect fruit to help prevent heart diseases but it also contains more saturated fat if compared to butter. Actually, the content of saturated fat in reality is nothing but the amount of lauric acid. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the excessive consumption of coconut needs to be checked because it is capable of increasing the content of bad cholesterol.

8.Papaya is a healing summer fruit


If you talk about increasing the content of vitamin C in your diet then one name that comes to mind is papaya. The fruit if consumed in an appropriate quantity can help you to fight against the cold. It is rich in beta carotene and lots of Vitamin E. Papaya can also heal skin inflammation. Not only this, but it can even lessen the outcomes of asthma. The fruit is a rich source of papain that is the perfect enzyme capable of breaking down the level of protein. Also, this is the reason that it is a soft fruit.

9.The typical star fruit


Not many of you might be aware about this fruit. Star Fruit is a native Asian fruit. It is also most commonly and popularly known by the name of carambola. A perfect fruit  as it might be called because it does not  increase the level of calorie yet delivers a lot of Vitamin C. not only this, but the fruit is also a perfect source of polyplenols  in addition to antioxidants which can help in reducing cardiovascular inflammation. Though not that tasty a fruit yet it has a reputation of being a good fruit for the summer.

10.The healthy blueberries


Size is never the indicator of any quality. Though, a small fruit yet blueberries contain a lot of features that add the medicinal benefits to it. It has lots of health benefits to offer to you. It can cure everything from cancer to heart diseases. Mixing the fruit with lemon juice offers you the perfect blend of health and taste. This is also a good source of antioxidant.

All of the above mentioned are the summer fruits that have lots of benefit to offer to you. So, this summer ensure that you make all of these a part of your diet.


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