Top 10 Most Popular Themes For College Party Across The Globe


Be it any event or occasion, one thing you need to organize is a party. Without party the celebration of event seems to be incomplete. There are all -together different types of party. Nowadays it is a trend that you organize a theme party. Once you have made up your mind that you have to throw a  kick-ass party this weekend  then the next important thing for you to determine is the theme of the party. Keeping in mind the different factors you can decide the theme for the party. One such factor I the age group that the party is being organized for. Ones who come to mind when I say this is the college students. Based on our selection we have compiled a list of top 10 most popular themes for college party.

At the party, we will choose different outfits according to different themes. How to become a dazzling presence at a party requires some small accessories to make people shine. And a small pin can play an advantage and make your look more eye-catching. According to the theme of the party, we can customize different pins to match the clothes. As an accessory, everyone thinks it is dispensable, but once you start trying to bring it into your outfit, you will find how useful it is. If you want to show your uniqueness and make your appearance more bright, fashion people will choose customized pins to add points to themselves.

No matter how the trend changes, or how the style changes, the most sensible choice is to custom enamel pins that are exclusive to you. When the party doesn’t know how to start socializing, others notice the pin on your chest, so you can open a new topic about The story of how you customized this pin.

custom enamel pins 

These are as follows:



College students usually get fascinated with what they watch on television. Whatever is the theme shown in the latest movie automatically becomes their favourite, one such theme is toga. The very moment since the movie Animal House was released, the theme toga party has become a college party classic. It has become the ingrained part of the college party culture. Animal House has actually set the bar for the crazy toga parties and eventually it has become a part of college party history. Every college student has at least been to a toga party once. They have enjoyed their level best in such parties.

2.Black Light


This is another most popular themes for college party. If we talk precisely about the college students and their party choices, then this is a classic. This party theme can be easily set up and also it is convenient to dress up for the same. As far as the decorations are concerned, place black lights all over a darken room. Then see how white items in the room will light up and glow. The guests who will attend the party will also glow under the black light. This is the most charming and easiest way of throwing a dance party.

3.CEOs and Office Hoes


This is the most fascinating theme that one can select for organizing a party. All of us have attended CEOs and Office Hoes party, if not in reality then at least seen them in movies.  It is here from where this theme has been inspired from. Not only is it classy but it is also sexy at the same time. All the girls dress up similar to the sexy office secretaries as we see them on television and the guys dress up in nice business apparels. Both girls and boys enjoy the dress they wear as it is the perfect occasion to behave like typical corporate staff.

4.High School Stereotypes


This is another these for college party that takes you back to the old days where you had some sort of extracurricular activity to do at school. If you were a geek , a jock , a cheerleader or a band kid at school then it is time to find out your old dress make it your party costume and get going. This theme lets everyone reminisce and mock the classic stereotypes from high school. It is quite enjoyable and full of fun to see how people dress up.

5.Rubik’s Cube


This theme for a party is quite a different one especially for those who belong to the eastern end. Here in this party, all come dressed up in colourful clothes just to let someone else into them later. Here everybody indulge in stripping the clothes and then wearing someone else’s clothes. Everybody is drunk and exchanging clothes. This is fun to see how people come dressed up initially and how they leave eventually.

6.Anything But Clothes


Here is yet another really different and fun theme. People are supposed to attend the party with their naked body covered with anything but clothes. Now it is totally up to you, how you take it to be.  Be it a girl or a boy, you need to cover your bare body in a way that best suits you. You can use just a piece of duct tape across your chest or only wear body paint, the choice is up to you. It is quite hilarious to see how people dress up, making this one of the most popular themes for college party.

7.Seven Deadly Sins


One of the most popular themes for college party, Seven Deadly Sins , gives the girls a reason to dress up a little slutty (Lust/Envy) and the guys an excuse to dress lazy (Sloth).  It is one of the sexiest classic college theme party. By dressing up this way the girl get a justified reason to behave a little arrogant and mean whereas boys have all the opportunities to behave as lazy as they can. Trust me, it is a lot of fun.



As the name suggests, here you need to follow the trend of one set of 10 years. Be it sixties, seventies, or eighties you got to follow the trend. It is fun to see that how the contemporaries get dressed up in the way people of those era used to. It is quite a fun as you get an opportunity to step into someone else’s boots and enjoy their outfit.

9.I’m Glad I’m Not


Here in this theme, people are supposed to dress up in a way that they thank God that they are not. Like if you are happy that you are not fat then you can come dressed up like a fat person. All guest comes in funny costume of someone or something they are glad they are not. To see how people dread something they aren’t is quite a fun to watch. It is surely one of the most popular themes for college party.

10.Around The World


“Experience some international drinks and culture without having to travel there”, it the main motto behind the theme. The theme is a bit expensive as you are supposed to buy different types of alcohol and décor to main the point actually happen.

If you are planning to throw a part then you can go in for any of the above mentioned themes.

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