Top 10 Adventure Sports in the Fascinating Valley of Manali

top 10 adventure sports

Places To Visit in Kullu Manali – ‘Manali’, the beautiful name has been introduced in an honour to tribute Hindu Sanatan lawgiver Manu. A profoundly wise man whose courageous efforts revived human life after a monstrous flood hit the land. And with this, once a still village was completely transformed into a bustling town swarmed with luxurious hotels and scenic beauty all around. Manali is located in Kullu district and is embraced in the arms of snow capped mountains particularly at peak during winter season in December till March. India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has announced this as a holiday destination in the mountains.  Manali is beautifully referred to as Valley of the Gods which is famous for many fabulous places like Hidimba Devi Temple, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Bhrigu Lake, Pandoh Dam, Manali Sanctuary, Beas River, Hamta Pass and Great Himalayan National Park. The everlasting scenic beauty in Manali is so mesmerizing that many filmmakers have utilized it as their backdrop in movies like Yeh Jawaaani Hai Deewani, Bang Bang, Mary kom, Krish, Fanaa and many more. The chilled climatic conditions in Manali make it suitable for experiencing as many as heroic sports as possible. Here, we have mentioned 10 exciting sports which have been practised in Manali to make tourist’s enjoy their holidays and make it a memorable trip.

  1. Zorbing

A huge transparent ball set all ready to roll over from the zenith up till the bottom gives you immense pleasure. The cost of a single ride is around Rs.350.

  1. Gondala (Cable Car)

It takes you 1.3 Km away with a vertical rise of 500m using a rope. It costs Rs. 500 per head and is headed between 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

  1. Skiing

Solang valley sited at 12 Kms from Manali is perfectly suited for skiing by non- professional visitors at a minimum price of Rs.300.  Sport fanatic can even join training programmes.

  1. Paragliding

Every measure is taken to make it safe and thrilling. Paragliding for beginners lasts from uninspiring 1 minute jump(Rs.500 – 700) to an exhilarating 20 minute air flight( Rs. 1,800). It is barred during monsoons (July to September).

  1. Quad or ATV

All- terrain vehicle or snowmobile is recommended for all age groups and is popularly offered at Solang valley. Cost might vary during seasons.

  1. Camping

Picturesque villages and lush green meadows of the Valley during summer/spring for camping is truly a blessing of natural essence under a clear crystal sky. All camping equipments are also provided as an appropriate cost.

  1. Treks

Just few kilometres of treks of not more than three hours will take you to incredible waterfalls, temples or self-formed ice Shiv shrines. Hire a local guide to get a spellbound experience.

  1. River rafting

Stream rafting in the Beas around 30km downstream from Manali is accessible for one or more up to 6 persons. A 7km or 14km long waterway run is appreciable and cost is just Rs 300 for each individual.

  1. River Crossing

An amazing feeling of stream intersection can be accomplished at Van Vihar in Manali, Solang Valley, At Morpheus Valley Resort, Club House, Old Manali and some different spots. Be careful as it is not practised Monsoons.

  1. Rock Climbing

Build up your stamina, nourish your body well and prepare your hands, feet to grab a rope to reach pristine rock climbing territories of Aleo, Shuru and Kothi in Manali.

Tie your knots tight to direct your energies in an adventure that will always walk as an ever cherishing memory with you.

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