Top 10 Arrangements For Drawing Room

The main living area where the huge entrance door opens which serve as the main gathering spot for family, friends, and guests or a spot to enjoy snacks and gossips together. It is the main hall for celebrations, decorations, and events so it has to be maintained well whether its furniture, window treatment, wallpapers, cabinets, ceiling, and flooring. So it is important to plan thoughtfully such that every crevice and counter appears useful. An ill-planned design may eat into sprawling floor space. Make your living room look spacious and enticing by understanding the requirement of the place, quality material used in making furniture, antique home décor, wall painting, etc. Judicious use of space and proper arrangement of stuff will help you remodel your drawing room like a professional interior designer if you are not planning to hire one. Here are some tips and Top 10 Arrangements for Drawing Room that will help you recreate a modish and comfortable living room.

1. L-shaped room

L-shaped mainstay makes the best use of often left out space along the wall, corners or junctions. Two wide adjacent walls provide ample space for hanging photographs, modern art or adjusting the television set up close to it.

2. Know the traffic

Adjust the furniture in such a way that there is a walking space around them, even though so many guests arrive at once.  An appropriate distance for seating and comfortable talk can be established by creating small conversation areas. Note that you do not have to strain your neck or back while sitting on the sofa, chair or couch either for watching a TV or chit chatting with guests.

3. Accessories

Keep enough room for your favorite flowers, family pictures, souvenirs, plaster made masterpieces. Avoid too much and too less to accessorize the room. It should look perfectly polished and furnished. Too much stuff compromise the space and too less gives a blank expression. Keep it subtle.

4. Parallel layout

This suits best for hosting or amusement since it will let people face each other and talk comfortably. It allows visible and clear conversations. But you are not left with room for home theatre or television.

5. Modern furniture

If you already have good quality furniture, if you can either get it re-polished or re-carved after its use for so many years to improve its luster so that it looks new. But if the furniture cannot be remodeled, it would be better than you replace it with the latest set of styled sofa, table and other things remaining.

6. Put on the opulent wallpapers

Check different stores to access as many as graphics to meet your choice. There are a plethora of options available in multiple shades, patterns, prints, and subtle florals, etc. Do not forget to personalize your living room with colors, textures, and finishes. These are simple to apply and do not need much labor.

7. Propose fancy lighting

Let your room glow by incorporating a different kind of light fixtures like lamps on side tables, accent lighting within bookshelves, or beautifully scented candles along with the overhead light. Also, let some natural light come in from the main windows.

8. Hang grand chandeliers

To add elegance and class to the living room, a branched ornamental light fixture can be designed to be mounted on ceilings. These decor pieces vary from classic, modern to industrial and rustic usually made of aged metal, crystal and glass. Chandeliers are perfect to uplift the richness of the place.

9. Get an area rug

A large piece of carpet available as super soft, indoor modern shag, silky smooth fur, fluffy or anti-skid shaggy rugs not only add aesthetics to the room but also serves a function. An accurately sized area rug that would complement the color scheme must be chosen. Keep it clean and avoid walking with slippers over them.

10. Maintain symmetry

Everything that lies within the room should be in harmony and appears to be well organized. Pair sofas and chairs with a coffee table in the center, side tables or corner stands in their respective nooks. Things kept in their place will not only maintain balance but also create enough room space.

Keep the ceilings, floor and décor items dust free or else the idea of reframing a perfect drawing room will go in vain. Remember maintenance is more considerate than construction. These were the 10 arrangement tips for the living room that you can refer while settling a hall space. Do not try to adjust, but do try to arrange. Donate the unwanted or worn out stuff.

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