Top 10 Ideas to Renovate Your House

Home remodeling is turning a living place in a modern or lavish house as per your dreams. Changing interiors and exteriors along with the latest or antique home décor pieces is one of the major parts of the renovation. For this, you either hire a professional designer or if you have a keen interest in bringing a new face to your house, you would prefer tons of online ideas and work over it yourself. Why spend entire savings in buying a new construction when you can do it with few pennies by just improvising the walls, frames, cabinets and other wishful requirements in your house. Just plan and organize a few things after looking around so many ideas or tricks to refurbish your accommodation. We are here for you to gather as much as suggestions and tips to redesign a dream set up for you to live and enjoy. Follow the Top 10 Ideas to Renovate Your House.

1. Hang round bed or a swing from tree

Beginning with the exteriors, a swing hung using ropes looks really appealing and provides a perfect place to have a little fun. If you want to have a break from the monotony, job rush or anything else that demands a quiet place sit and relax, a round bed handing from top of a tree will be really soothing.

2. Add new lighting

Markets are full of amazingly beautiful lamps, lanterns, and lights. Carry some of them to your place to lit the room with life. Add ambiance and brightness to the house by putting a table lamp, stunning ceiling fixture or lanterns. Get an electrician and get them installed all at one time in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Also, garden lights would look fabulous when they will glow in the dark.

3. Update cabinets and cupboards

Replace the worn out knobs, handles and rugged cabinets with the so many options such as bronze, brushed nickel, aged copper, and shiny stainless collections along with stainless or vintage-style knobs. No need to follow any steadfast rules, just item that tastes your liking. Time to refill the old aged bathroom and kitchen cabinets with ultra- modish and high tech drawers.

4. Explore home décor shops

Remodeling means time to refresh the old accessories. Shopping malls are rich in home decorating masterpieces. You can have a look at handicraft, antique showcases, and ethnic stuff to improve opulence in your house.

5. Paper your walls

Sounds childish, but these are not the granny’s tacky wallpapers, instead we are talking about the latest removable wallpapers with an enormous number of patterns and graphics, floral and fine prints. Choose and place them on the main wall of the bedroom or the huge wall adjacent to the staircase. It gives a contemporary look to your building. You can easily remove or change them later without peeling off the wall.

6. Grow green

These days plants are not seen in gardens only, but they form a gorgeous part of the interiors. It not just add color and fresh air but also improves the beauty of the place, and that place can be the living room, hallway and open space below the staircase. You can use the live plants as well as artificial flower vas along with miniature fountains.

7. Frame your family pictures

Cover the gigantic wall of a living room or bedroom with the recent pictures of your family, friends. Get a few little frames around a single large family photo. Now the place can be called a happy home when it has all the members of the family covered under one roof.

8. Add mirrored tiles to a closed space

Bathrooms or compact room walls without windows can be lined with mirrored tiles. It not only gives an illusion of improved space within but also makes it look trendy and exclusive. You can prefer this reflective tile over regular ones.

9. Find storage spaces

It is very important that you manage to withdraw a few little spaces for storing the toiletries, key chains, rarely used stuff, cleaning and a lot more. A separate shoe rack must be included. Avoid creating a mess by dropping such under the cover items into sight. Even though you keep high priced interior but you can’t cope up with the overflowing things out of the drawers, it is a failure renovating a house.

10. Revamp your windows

French windows can be left bare but do provide some with window blinds. Another good option is to dress them with geometric curtain panels, gauzy white sheers, or minimalist with bamboo shades and lacy tissue work. Get a clue from the colors already in the rooms. The dark color goes well inside the bedroom while transparent or light shades for the living room.

Live in a place that appears like a heavenly paradise self- created by none other than you. Keep in mind a few tips and go around to chase what you wish to be there at your house. What matters the most is that you keep it clean and green.

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