Top 10 Arrangements For Vastu Purposes

The science(Shastra) of Vastu means ‘house’ of arranging the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and sky in an absolute harmonious state. Before house warming, we pray for good health and wealth in our homes. But have we ever thought what can be actually done to bring peace and prosperity to our lives? You must have heard of Vastu that has deep scientific reasons to ensure a calm and positive atmosphere by coordinating it with layout, design, measurements and spatial geometry in your home. If you construct your abode according to the vastu preferences, then the negative vibes are taken away by means of the balance created among various sources of energies, solar and celestial bodies. To expect an organized and blissful life, it won’t take much of your efforts for a few little re-alignments or arrangements of interiors if you are planning to move from one place to another. After following some of the known Vastu experts like Mrs. Shelly Maheshwari Gupta and Jai Madaan, I truly believe the rational significance of Vastu in adding ethics to our living. And so, I have come up with Top 10 Arrangements For Vastu Purposes. Do not miss the following tips to good fortune

1. The Prayer Room

The pooja room is of prime importance that should be in propitious North East direction. It clearly depicts that one must face towards the North-East direction while meditation or prayer offerings. Since it is the perfect place, to begin with, it is necessary that you keep it as per the Vastu for spiritual growth and blessings.

2. The Living Room

It is a large open master place where all the guests and family members usually gather to share their experiences and opinions. It a hub where positive and negative energies released from different identities might blend. To keep the optimism inside, the arrangements must be in such a way that the host faces the North or East and the guests must be seated opposite. You can put a family picture in the yellow or golden frame in the south-west direction for strong relations.

3. The Bedroom

To channelize happy aura to your bedroom keep it well lit and avoid painting the walls with dark colors. While sleeping, your head must face south as it is thought to be the most relaxing position. Keep your bedroom free from the un-used or waste items. Let fresh air reach the bedroom so it should be properly ventilated.

4. The Kitchen

The South-West or North-West corner is best suited for planning a kitchen. All burners and stoves can face south while the drinking water or aqua guards can be fitted in the northeast side. To distant fluctuating energies, the kitchen must be far away from the bedroom as.

5. Dining Room

It should have a huge mirror on the north or north-east wall as it tends to attract prosperity and richness.

6. Restroom

The toilet seat should face North-South and should be closed when not in use. However, the washroom system is still debatable in Vastu-Shastra. Place natural plants or scented candles in the bathroom for brightness in the room as well as in life.

7. Study Room

You can adjust the study table of your kids in the east direction for a better outcome in studies. The child will focus well and improvements will surely be anticipated in the study.

8. Main Door

The main door is one of the pivotal element in Vastu as it is the way to good and bad energies. All the doors particularly the large main entrance door should open inside to keep the favorable energy within. Make sure that the hinges of doors make no noise. For this, you can lubricate them from time to time. The numbers of doors and windows must be even in the home.

9. Home Décor

Crystal wind-chimes can be placed on bedroom windows to minimize arguments and disputes in family members. Place scenery in the North East direction or painting of a rising sun in the east direction to have a healthy social circle. Hanging red galloping or white horses in the south direction is meant to direct a steady flow of money and harmony into the house.

10. The Money or Jewelry 

Since it is not the symbol for wealth but also depicts the grace of goddess Lakshmi in India, it is recommended to keep money/cash box placed according to the Vastu for an improved financial status. A cash locker can be placed near south-west or the southern wall in a room such that the locker opens towards the north. It is said that Lord Kubera, the Hindu god of treasures is considered to be residing in the north and whenever we open the locker in the Lord’s direction, the god of wealth refills it every single time.

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