Top 10 Bed Tips For A Happy Married Life

Whether you are a newlywed couple or it’s been several years for your marriage, it is equally momentous that your relationship is exciting and romantic. Don’t blame facts such as lack of time, presence of kids or family members, spoilt mood, exhaustion, age or number of years of marriage if you are the one responsible for monotonous and awful relation. It’s your life and your decision that let you land up in a healthy married life or a chaotic one. All you need is a few words of encouragement, passion for love and a romantic ambiance. Love is eternal, do not let it die or suffocate for the sake of side priorities. Balance your personal, professional and family lives properly since all of them are meant to walk along. Strengthen your relation not just by words but also by actions. As the dates on calendar pass, the bond should not fade, in fact, a spark to rejoice the growing relation should be possessed by the couples who actually want to complement each other forever. And for this, you can simply read our latest article on Top 10 Bed Tips For A Happy Married Life. Here are a few wise suggestions.

1. Sense of warmth and compassion

Touch your partner out of love and care frequently and have a good sense of non-sexual physical behavior like holding a hand, a cozy hug, kissing, hello & goodbye waves, laying together, sitting next to each other. Expression of feelings and sharing of warmth are always overwhelming for both.

2. Quality conversations

Communicate and trust each other if you want to develop a strong and truly intimate connection. Talk about your day, your dreams, your workplace and everything that would work for a happy interaction. Also, make sure that you are not the one who has to keep talking but do listen to your partner as well. A good relationship is about us, we and togetherness, sometimes ignoring just me or myself.

3. Mutual understanding

Know and perceive the intended mood of your partner before getting to the bed. Keep it calm and wishful. Give each other time to recover from any frustrating situation or sullen state of mind. Tell your partner how you feel when he/she touches different parts of your body. Never be hesitant.

4. Fantasize your night

Turn your partner on by wearing sexy nightgowns or fancy, the lacy and soft costume that makes your partner’s jaw drop when you plan to have intimacy. Scented candles, dim lighting, and an attractive partner is all that a couple needs to enjoy a memorable night.

5. Compliments

Never forget to compliment your better half when you are going out for a dinner or any event. And if it has to be among many people, go ahead and say, my wife is looking pretty or my husband is always looking so dashing. This will not only enhance a sense of affection or fondness but also raise one’s self- esteem and confidence.

6. Dinner date

Plan special dinner date once or twice a month. Place an order that is one of your partner’s favorite to let them know how much you care about their choice and that their choice is your preference. Go out together on weekends to have lunch or dinner and also enjoy the romantic drive or a night walk.

7. Surprise

You have to put in some efforts for sure to have a life- long beautiful relationship. And such attempts include cute little gifts wrapped in love, cards or loving quotes, decorations and surprise meals. It could be a trip or a private resort that could surprise your spouse and bring a smile on their face.

8. Changing sexual scripts

Do not keep a usual order of hugging, kissing, foreplay and intercourse. Instead, use different sexual gestures and exchange the desired feelings of pleasure and sexual desire.

9. Have an ongoing intimacy

Couple in their 20’s average relations 2-4 times a week, couples in their 30’s twice per week, the ’40s & 50’s once to twice per week. A regular physical bond in a couple makes a marriage stronger and lively.

10. Don’t distant apart

Even though you catch each other after work, do not miss texting your beloved. A random message saying I love you is as effective as a medicine prescribed by a doctor or a wish granted by God.

Couples are made in heaven, but their love life starts or breaks on earth. So it is in your hands to keep your relationship strong forever and loving till death. After 10 years of marriage, you should feel like you tied a knot just a few days back. And this feeling should keep growing till you live happily married.

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