Top 10 Colleges Requiring Potential Students Not Scores

Top 10 Colleges

Top 10 Colleges Requiring Potential Students Not Scores

We have always heard that numbers are just a figure but in this competitive world, educational institutions give a huge importance to the marks scored and rank achieved especially in the competitive exams like SAT and ACT. The good news is that there are plethora of universities that have broadened their perspective and are admitting students with less or no scores at all because phenomenal student is not needy of grades to show the same.

Top 10 Colleges

Here I present the list of 10 schools that adopt this flexible approach.

1. Bryan Mawr College

Situated near Pennsylvania its a women only college holding a 31st rank among the liberal arts universities, it admits students without the scores. Focusing on the staff and students relationship, this small university considers aspects other than scores before admitting the students.

2. Bates College

Holding a 27th rank in the liberal arts  Bates College is co educational having an elegant idyllic giving wings to your intellectual ambitions and none has to sit ideal after completing education for more than six months.

3. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University requiring no score card is located in North Caroline. Offering sports opportunities and campus accommodation it entertains 5000 students divided up over six different schools for six semesters.

4. Bowdoin College

First college to make test scores option and ranked 6th in the liberal arts degree ranking Bowdoin College is located in the coastal New England of Brunswick Maine that entertains about 1800 students enjoying college-owned social housing.

5. Middlebury College

Located in the Middlebury Vermont the college holds a 4th place in the liberal arts ranking having a carrying capacity of just 2.5 thousands of students. It’s a great school for aspiring writers holding an internationally renowned Bread Loaf Writer’s conference. You need to submit one standardized test result to seek an admission here.

6. Colorado College

Holding a 24th rank it is a city-based college with an enrollment of about 2 ½ thousand students. They don’t use the traditional semester system. They follow block system where 3.5 weeks of attendance is a must before taking a break not focusing on semester system. Breaking bread program is another attraction and submitting one of the test scores is important.

7. Colby College

Residing at the 12th place in the liberal arts ranking Colby College is located in Waterville Maine entertaining just under 2000 students who get an impressive accommodation in 714 acres of ground. Operating on 4 – 1 – 4-year plan it offers  internship program. You need to submit one test.

8. Hamilton College

It is situated in New York state, near Clinton spread over 1300 acres.
You can choose among over 180 different programs. You are only ex expects you to submit one results from a standardized test.

9. Smith College

Shying of 2 ½ thousands students the only girls college is situated in Massachusetts. It offers over 100 different student organization having 35 separate houses accommodating between 10 and 100 students. You can submit any test here.

10. Wesleyan University

Located in Middleton Connecticut it has over 200 student organizations ranking 21st in the liberal arts ranking having a student body of nearly 3000 offering them 150 different programs and possibilities. No test scores are required here.

So, if you are not good at competitive exams then these are the few places for you.

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