Top 10 Easy And Quick Natural Fertilizer Recipes

Top 10 Easy And Quick Natural Fertilizer Recipes

If you have a little kitchen garden at your place, then we are here with the most valuable tips for you. Following are the Top 10 Easy And Quick Natural Fertilizer Recipes.


Bananas are easily available in the market at a very reasonable price. All you need to do is buy some bananas from the market, eat them and dispose of their peels, not in the dust bin but the small pit that you need to dig in your kitchen garden and cover the waste with soil.



This item is the easiest of all to use for fertilizing the soil. Before you water your plants and vegetables, especially tomatoes, blueberries, and roses, you need to sprinkle some coffee powder on the soil.


If you have tomatoes and peppers grown in your kitchen garden, then do not discard the shells of the egg into the dustbin next time you eat eggs. Wash the eggshells and then crush them. spread the powder on the soil that covers the tomatoes or pepper seeds.



Using seaweed as fertilizer is easy. You need to chop some seaweed and then add it to a decent amount of water. Let it rest for around two weeks and then begin watering your plants with the mixture.



Chop off the unwanted weed from your kitchen garden and collect the residue. Allow the dust to dry in the sun for a few days and then crush it. Add this due to the soil and see the magic it does to the growth of your plants and vegetables.



All you need to do is mix two to three tablespoons of molasses with a gallon of water and use this to water your plants.



It might not seem that good or might sound a little disgusting but this is the truth, human urine is one of the most beneficial natural fertilizers available.



Do not discard the grass clippings, instead, add a little water to it and let it compost. You can then use the mixture to fertilize your plants and vegetables.



If you spot cow manure on the streets or in your neighborhood, then you can kill two birds with one stone. Pick it up from the street, and do some social work by keeping your surroundings clean. Get the manure home and add it to the soil in your garden. Quite simple, isn’t it?



Anything that you act or dog left behind in their plates, do not discard it in the bin but add it to the soil of your garden. It is that easy a thing to do to fertilize the soil in your garden.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Easy And Quick Natural Fertilizer Recipes that you need to know. These fertilizers are going to prove a boon for your kitchen garden and the growth of plants and vegetables in your garden is going to increase by leaps and bounds.


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