Top 10 Fashion Tips For Boys

Have you heard of this precisely said a statement that the first impression is the last impression? It has been ringing in my ears since I was a kid. Whether it’s a school uniform or a party dress, it has to be well ironed and snug sized for the same reason. One should look perfect as it is thought to reflect your inner sense and beauty as well. And psychology says that the mind reads what it sees. Until you are known by your character, you will primarily be judged by your personality, outlook and what you wear. More important is how confidently you carry your outfit. Might it be a suit, kurta pajamas, jeans, T-shirt or else a dhoti, it hardly matters if you are not comfortable in it. Choose clothing that does not compromise your esteem. Try to be naturally stylish. We are here to bring out the best in you by highlighting Top 10 Fashion Tips for Boys. Discover your fashion skills and wear what suits your persona. Here we go!

1. Ensure proper fit

Body measurements are essential to customizing a costume that is the reason why most men prefer tailored fit clothing. Skinny wear isn’t a good way out. Instead, let your body breathe through, so pick something that keeps your body in a good frame without causing any sort of suffocation. Ease your shopping by confirming:

  • Sleeve length- should end at the thumb base
  • Pants- should slim from waist to top of the shoes
  • Shoulders- seam at the very top of the shoulder not extending beyond
  • Tie- should fall on the center of the belt buckle

2. Take a trial before any purchase

Don’t behave like a sloth. An active shopping is however very effective so, make sure that you always try the stuff before billing for it. If you really like it but it does not fit well, then do get it altered as per your requirements. Don’t just buy it for the sake of decorating your wardrobe.

3. Dispose of the unused stuff

It is better to donate the stock that you haven’t worn for years. Avoid keeping the rags and be a little flexible to swap the old with the latest collection if its fabric is either stained or craggy.

4. Do keep smart blazers

A perfect fit gray, dark charcoal or navy color blazer would stir up your cupboard and you will be amazed to have a contemporary look both for a party or an official meeting. It is an ideal option for summers as well as winters and formal or casual events. Dress it either with a button-up shirt, a T-shirt or jumper.

5. Keep the cupboard sorted

Never put in crushed clothes and make a separate cabinet for handkerchiefs, pocket square, tie, and accessories. Hang suits, pants, and luxurious apparels properly without disturbing the pleats and see if the crease is stable. Don’t mess up and try to keep things in place if you want to maintain the quality and improve the life of the products.

6. Play with the ultimate brands of the shoes

Apart from all time black and brown, colored leather and suede will also be a trendy way out to look a bit different. Try a little funky look with red, blue and gray sports. A combo of black belt with gray shoes or a brown with oxblood red would work well. Wear fashion sneakers off and on

7. Don’t take Gym along

Gym zippers, tracks, socks and of course the shoes are worn during heavy workouts that drowns them in sweat, so do not carry them way back to your workplace. They are meant only for exercise and running. Don’t behave like an athlete all the time.

8. Smell good throughout

Body fragrance is a must to compliment your attire. Use a long span deodorant and perfume with captivating scents. Dolce & Gabbana and Bleu – Chanel is some profound options with luscious aroma. Do not forget that a good odor signifies class and masculinity.

9. Own a classy watch

One of the essential accessory that enhances your appearance. You look functional yet handsome and sophisticated altogether. Explore premium watches from digital to analog marketed by the leading brands like Fastrack, Titan, Sonata, Casio, Timex, Fossil, Maxima, Giordano, etc.

10. Go shopping with a friend

Your eyes might miss the best from a huge range of exciting collections. Let a good friend accompany you while going out for a purchase. But do not let your companion overrule your favorites. And don’t take a gang along. Just the two of you would make your day rejoicing rather than tiring. Buy the one that suits your taste and appeals to the other.

Simple tips will help you upgrade your dressing sense. Do follow these Top 10 Fashion Tips for Boys to ensure an outrageously voguish touch to your name and get up. It’s time for you to look confidently dashing.

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