Top 10 Fashion Tips To Get Ready In Few Minutes

Why does this morning clock tik talks so fast? O god I need special powers to get ready and look stunning in just 20 minutes. I am always late for my work, sometimes, I have to miss my breakfast or else I mess up with the things around. I don’t believe is that so difficult to wake up early and get perfectly dressed on time? And then you land up wearing random and ill-assorted outfits and accessories. Make your morning routine hassle-free by incorporating the magic mantras that I am about to tell you. My tips will make sure that when you will get out of your car, you wear a confident and happy smile about how you look. Believe me, you are going to catch everyone’s glance on you. I have assembled useful Top 10 Fashion Tips to Get Ready in Few Minutes and look gorgeous.

1. Take in-shower moisturizer

The first and foremost tip for a good morning regime is to apply a hydrating formula like Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion after lathering up with body cleanser. This will save time that you would have earlier frittered in toweling off, lotioning up, and then waiting for your moisturizer to get absorbed. The warm shower water opens up pores, allowing the moisturizing ingredients (shea butter) to sink within your skin so that it stays soft after you rinse.

2. Manage your hair

If you have to wrangle your untidy and tangled hair, then cut them short or wash them a night before or on Sunday mornings and blow them dry or straight, so that they are easily manageable the next day. Another genius idea is to use sulfate-free, hair care cleansing conditioners so as to cleanse and condition at the same time. You can choose to make an instant pretty low side bun or a simple ponytail, in case you have long hair. Short hairs can be left as such, clipped or a hair band would be sufficient.

3. Don’t peep into your mobile phone too much

You delay mostly because of checking into your phone several times it beeps a text, news or social media notifications and weather forecast. And by the time you realize, you are almost done with the reckless activities and now the clock speeds up with the pace that might not meet your important scheduled tasks. Keep it silently aside for a moment.

4. Organize and plan

Select and iron the clothing a night before and the accessories that will suit the day can be separated out from the huge collection box. Also, take out the shoes or footwear that match your apparels before going to bed. Do keep the necessary items near your sight or the dressing area.

5. Makeup

Do not load your face with many layers of the make-up base. Just keep your daily need products organized in an accessible place while shifting the occasionally used items elsewhere. Dump off the unused or expired stuff.

6. Use a multipurpose foundation

Eliminate multiple steps for base creation by referring to a Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream (hydrating glycerin, antioxidants vitamin C and E) that protects your skin from free radicals and imparts a luminous finish. Use a foundation that yields a needful coverage for your face and neck.

7. Magic of red lipstick

If you are running strictly out of time, skip full face makeover and apply just a super stay red or wine colored lipstick. It won’t let your face reflect the pit holes. Instead, you look as fresh and toned as with makeup.

8. Substitute a cheek highlighter with concealer

Don’t bundle up you’re ready to go basket with a number of items, keep it precise by bringing a single product for multipurpose usage such as replacing a cheek highlighter around eyes with a concealer and cheek color blusher with a lipstick.

9. Keep a curated collection in wardrobe

Throw away the crap and every rag that is untouched since years. Keep separate cabinets for seasonal wear. Jackets, sweaters, and coats must be kept in a different section. Pair up your tops, tees with suitable bottoms and organize them as such so that you need not think what combo might go well.

10. Use professional-grade

Don’t forget to invest in hot tools like dryers, hair curlers, sticks or straighteners to avoid hairdo confusions. Set your hair according to your mood and style them wavy, frizzy or detangled into smooth, subtle or straight hair. No need for indulging into other complicated hairdos.

Ease your morning and don’t compromise your style. Stay settled and fashionable without keeping professional timings at sake. Try following these Top 10 Fashion Tips To Get Ready In Few Minutes. Goodbye, daunting morning.

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