Top 10 Interesting Facts about National Maritime Museum

Interesting Facts about National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is the one of the most famous museum in the whole world. People from different places visit here to look all the unique things which are set there and they increase their knowledge regarding the things. It is situated in Greenwich, London.

Here are Top 10 interesting facts about the National Maritime Museum which courage people to come to that place.

1. The museum was established in 1934 within 200 acres of Greenwich Royal Park in the building which is formally occupied by the Royal Hospital School.

2. In the history of Britain at sea the museum has the most important holdings in the world on comprising more than two million items. It includes maritime art, ship models and plans, navigational instruments, and cartography.

3. The National Maritime Museum includes collection of items taken from German. It includes various ship models, flags, and paintings. There items were taken from Naval Academy Murwik after World War2.

4. It is the leading maritime museum of the United Kingdom and in his kind it may be the largest museum in the world.

5. National Maritime museum actually occupies three buildings in past which are designed for the Kings and the Queens.

6. Ten years in the making, the National maritime Museum was opened by King George VI and the museum’s name has been suggested by Rudyard Kipling.

7. Greenwich has been home of an art gallery since the early 1800s, but the idea for National Maritime Museum was recognized in the days of 1927.

8. In 2011 the National Maritime Museum opened the Sammy Ofer Wing, and library that make our world renowned collection accessible to large audience.

9. National Maritime Museum has the abolition of the slave trade medal which is received in 1807, after years of fighting.

10. The National Maritime Museum has 80 cannon and 37 richly-patterned sails which are inspired by Indonesian batik.

The National Maritime Museum is a quick and easy journey for the peoples and it provides a lot of knowledge to the peoples who visit there. The services provided to the peoples here are free of cost. People feel satisfied to visit that place because it is has some interesting things which attract people’s mind. People celebrate world maritime day because this museum give a collection of antic things to them.

At National Maritime Day the employees at this place provide many services because it is the day when this museum is established. People visit here because this museum has a great collection of traditional things and unique items. People get all information regarding this place and about all things situated in the national maritime museum. The building of this museum is formally occupied for different purpose but later this museum is established here. This museum is a centre of attraction for all peoples and they all want to visit here. This museum has a unique identity among all other museums and it makes the museum more popular.

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