Top 10 Most Common Myths About Mattresses

Top 10 Most Common Myths About Mattresses

Mattress plays a significant role when it comes to getting a comfortable sleep, but all that you do to keep it in good health might not help. Here we are going to share with you the Top 10 Most Common Myths About Mattresses.

1. A firm mattress is the best

A firm mattress doesn’t need to be the best in every way. It undoubtedly offers better support to your back, but it depends on an individual and the style of sleeping, whether it is the best or not. Thus, it would help if you looked for a mattress that is not the only firm but also soft and, at the same time, suits your sleeping style.

2. Mattress must be used until it sags

This is not true; you should not wait for your mattress to sag to replace it. As soon as the bed begins to lose its elasticity, it would be best if you considered replacing the mattress. Sagging mattress stops providing the support that your back needs.

3. Mattress topper increase longevity

Unlike what many people believe, mattress topper does not increase the life of your mattress, nor is it a one-stop solution for all the problems relating to a mattress. It naturally relieves the pressure points on the firm mattresses maintaining the comfort level you need.

4. Regular washing of bed sheets cleans the mattress

Your mattress contains millions of dust mites, causing allergies ranging from small cough to severe itching and chronic respiratory problems. Washing the bed-sheet is not sufficient; you need also to clean the mattress regularly.

5. Memory foam mattresses are the best and most comforting

Memory foam mattresses are indeed comfortable, but these are the best is not a fact. It varies from individual to individual and the sleeping posture of a person. It might suit one person but may not be as comforting to the other person.

6. Number of coils on the spring mattress indicates comfort it offers

The number of coils is one of the critical determinants of comfort but is not the sole factor that helps to make the mattress best. The quality of the material that was put to use while making the spring coils is an important determinant. A higher number of loops, but the thinner gauge does not help much.

7. The use of gels offers a cooling experience

Plenty of spring mattresses come with a layer of gel-infused foam that caters to the cooling effect, but these are also able to retain the warmth. These mattress does provide the cooling effect but can act in the opposite direction as well.

8. Flipping mattress every few months increases longevity

This is not true anymore as these days the mattress available in the market are meant to be used on one side only.

9. Exposing the mattress to sunlight enhances durability

Getting the mattress put of the room and exposing them to direct sunlight serves no purpose as far as longevity is concerned.

10. The mattress needs no dry cleaning

A mattress does need cleaning from time to time, and you must cater to this need if you want to see your mattress in good condition.

All in all, these are the top 10 Most Common Myths About Mattresses that you need to shun now.

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