Top 10 Most Easy DIY Friendship Band Ideas

Top 10 Most Easy DIY Friendship Band Ideas

This year there is no need to step out of your houses amid COVID-19 to buy friendship bands for Friendships day. You can easily make a friendship day band at home with little resources and efforts without wasting time. Here we are with the Top 10 Most Easy DIY Friendship Band Ideas:

1. Braid

One of the simplest ways to make a friendship band is to braid threads of three different colors together. All you need is cut a decent length of thread from the yarn of your favorite color and at the center point make a loop by tieing a knot. Now make the braid of these threads.

2. Tie the double knots

You need to take threads of three different colors and after diving them into half you need to tie a knot. Now you simply need to begin from the right-hand side, take two threads and tie a double knot and continue towards the left.

3. Use the buttons

Take five to six buttons of similar color and shape. Attach these buttons using a thread and a needle. Hold these buttons in position by tieing a knot on each end.

4. Use the beads

All of us have broken necklaces at home with their beads preserved in a tiny box. You need to get these beads to action and thread these together using a thread, Hold these beads in position by tieing a knot after each bead.

5. Cardboard Cuts

From an old book, you can cut out a rectangular hard price from the cover and write the name of your friend on it. Before writing the name, it is important to cover the board with a beautiful colored sheet and making two holes in each end to tie a knot.

6. Square or circle dial

You can repeat the above by cutting the board in a circular or square shape and writing the name of your best friend on it.

7. Rubber Bands

There are plenty of rubber bands available in the market at very cheap prices. You can repeat what you did in the sixth idea. Instead of making two holes, you can simply make a single hole, and with the help of a thread tie, this to the rubber band Ensure you buy a loose rubber band.

8. Multi colored beads

If you have beads of different colors at home, you can thread these together. You can make a beautiful friendship day band.

9. Decorating the one from last year

If you are a person who keeps all the bands from previous years secure in a box, then this year you need to reuse this. Using sparkles you can decorate these bands and give them a new look.

10. Multiple knots

You need to take threads of different colors. Now leave a half-inch space you need to tie a knot and the band is ready.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Most Easy DIY Friendship Band Ideas that you can try and see for yourself, how easy these are.

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