3 Types Of Masks To Control Spread Of COVID-19

Wearing a mask, while stepping out of the four walls of your house has become a need of an hour. This is owing to the spread of the pandemic. Here we are going to discuss 3 Types Of Masks To Control Spread Of COVID-19

1. Surgical masks

Surgical masks are also commonly known as a medical mask. It is a loose-fitting mask that is disposable. It can protect your nose as well as mouth from coming in contact with droplets, splashes as well as sprays containing germs. These masks are also able to filter out enormous particles present in the air. Surgical masks help you stay safe as it reduces your exposure to saliva as well as other respiratory secretions. In the absence or unavailability of N95 masks, these surgical masks offer you some protection to stay safe against COVID-19.

2. N95 masks

The N95 mask is ideally a type of respirator. It offers higher protection in comparison to all other types of masks available in the market. The masks filter out not only large but also small particles when you inhale. As the name suggests, the N95 mask has such a design that it prevents you from coming in contact with 95% of extremely small particles. There are some N95 masks having valves making it easier to breathe through these masks. The unfiltered air releases when you exhale. Prior to using N95 at a workplace it is vital that the health care professional takes the training as well as passes a fitness test confirming proper seal. One of the similarities between N95 and surgical masks is that both these masks are disposable. Research is being conducted to find a means to disinfect N95 masks to boost re-use.

3. Cloth masks

Owing to the increase in demand for surgical and N95 masks due to the spread of COVID-19, the supply of these masks is drastically decreasing. Contrarily, cloth masks are available in plenty and at the same time you can also wash and easily re-use them. Wearing these masks can help spread of COVID-19 to a great extent. A lot of countries were able to control the spread of coronavirus by requesting its citizens to wear cloth masks. These can easily be made at home as well using a cotton sheet or any other cloth. You can go through tips to make cloth masks at home and stay safe against coronavirus.

These are the three most common types of face masks that can help you stay safe against coronavirus. At the same time these help your nation in controlling coronavirus spread. While it is not easy for all to possess surgical masks and N95 masks, having a cloth mask is easy and convenient. These are also economical in comparison to their counterparts as you can wash these and use them again. Another important reason for promoting the use of cloth masks among the general public is to help save the supplies of surgical masks and N95 masks for health care providers and professionals working on the front line.

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