Top 10 Most Effective Tips for Dark Mehndi Colour

Top 10 Most Effective Tips for Dark Mehndi Colour

Mehndi is one of the traditional items in the absence of which not many occasions are considered to be complete. Though all of us like to apply mehndi on our hands and feet, yet one thing that annoys  few of us is the light colour that it leaves on our hands and feet. All of us desire that having applied mehndi and deal with it for hours together, we get the deep dark colour. Just like every lock has a key, this concern has a myriad of solutions that today we are going to share with you. In this article we are going to discuss with you the top 10 most effective tips for dark mehndi colour.

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands

Help your hand and feet get rid of the creams or lotions prior to applying mehndi on the same. you simply need to wash your hands and feet with the help of a soap that contains no oil. This will help in eliminating any unwanted layers on your skin that can cause a problem for mehndi to penetrate deep into your hands.

  1. Allow mehndi to dry naturally

Many of us try to dry the mehndi by making use of artificial means like heaters, blowers and at time shaking our hands. However, this has an adverse impact on the colour of your mehndi. Make it a point that you let your mehndi dry in the natural way. not only can these artificial means impacts the colours drastically but can also ruin the design that took hours to be applied on hand.

  1. Let mehndi sit on skin for as long as possible

Try to let mehndi settle and sit on your hand for as much time as you can. Keep yourself free from any sort of work. Ask for help whenever need arise. Take assistance of people to eat and drink and use the washroom. Prior you go off to sleep, ask someone to gently cover your hands with a cloth or a polythene so that the crumbs of mehndi do not ruin your bedding and at the same time there is no need for you to wash your hands either.

  1. Avoid contact with water

Try to avoid contact with water for as long as you can. At least ensure that you do not make your hands cone in contact with the water for 24 hours after mehndi has been applied on your hand. The reason is that water generally washes away the top layer of mehendi. This implies that I does not let the colour actually penetrate deep into the skin where it is applied.

  1. Expose your hands and feet to smoke of clove

Take some cloves and put it on a pan. Now turn on the heat and let the smoke come out of the cloves. It is claimed that the smoke that comes from the heated cloves is of great help at darkening your mehendi. Allow the smoke of cloves to come in contact with your hands for as long as you can tolerate the heat. Ensure that you do not harm yourself while doing the same.

  1. Apply mixture of lemon and sugar

It is one of the most conventional tips to enhance the colour of your mehndi. You simply need to apply a mixture of sugar as well as lemon juice to your hands and feet after your mehendi completely dries. Firstly, take a bowl and squeeze a lemon into it. Add sugar and blend the moisture perfectly. Now with the help of the cotton dab the solution on your hands and feet. Do this in a justified manner as juice ought not to be dripping from your hand. Remember that doing this in excess can have a reverse effect either.

  1. Apply pickle oil

After you have satisfied yourself by letting mehndi sit on your hand and feet for as much time as you could have allowed it to its time to get rid of the residue now. Gently rub your hands against one another so that mehndi scraps off from your hand. Now fetch some pickle oil and apply it as a moisturizer to your hands and feet. This is surely going to help you by increasing the density of the colour of mehndi by leaps and bound.

  1. Use eucalyptus oil

You might have heard about the potential benefits of eucalyptus oil for your skin. However, you will be glad to know that it has great impact in enriching the colour of mehndi that you apply on your hand and feet. Once you have washed your hands and feet, massage them with eucalyptus oil. Not only will it moisturize your skin but at the same time will smell good and help darken the colour of your mehndi.

  1. Avoid certain beauty treatments

Avoid going to salon for any activities that are related to your hand and feet where you wish to apply the mehndi. Make sure that you are done with beauty treatments like waxing, pedicure as well as manicure prior to application of the mehendi. If in case you have missed out on these already then avoid these activities for 2-3 more days once you have applied mehndi on your hand. 2 other wise you will let these activities scrap the top layer of  mehendi thereby failing to get the desired result.

  1. Apply in advance

Do not wait for the last minute to apply the mehndi. Not many know but mehndi usually gives colour after 2-3 days of its application on hand and feet have passed. So plan your mehendi session well in advance so that you get at least 24 hours to let it settle and then few hours more to enhance the colour richness.

All in all, these are the top 10 most effective tips for dark mehndi colour that you need to follow. It is possible for you to follow all these tips together. In case you have better tricks then you can share the same with us in the comment section below.

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