Top 10 Most Negative Parenting Discipline Techniques To Avoid

Negative Parenting Discipline Techniques

Parents are a source of all the emotional support that a child needs. However, at times parents resort to methods of discipline that are very hurting and to a great extent, also unacceptable. Here we are with Top 10 Most Negative Parenting Discipline Techniques To Avoid:

1. Unnecessary shouting

Raising your voice while talking to your child is never a good option to deal with any situation. Shouting scares the child and fails to help him realize what went wrong. Instead of eradicating his actions, shouting demoralizes the child and prevents him from taking any chances in life in times to come.

2. Resorting to emotional blackmail

Emotional blackmail results in loss of faith and trust that your child bestows on you. Also, he learns to use this technique and applies it to others in his circle.

3. Publicly humiliating

Public humiliation has a drastic impact on self-respect as well as the self-confidence of your child. Thus, if a need arises to scold your child to eradicate his action, the best time to do so is when you two are alone in a room.

4. Making a child guilty time and again

One of the most common examples of negative parenting is making your child feel guilty for the actions that render his self-worth questionable. This technique traps your child into the vicious circle of guilt.

5. Using sarcasm

Sarcasm is not an appropriate method of teaching your child discipline. While children less than seven years do not get it, the ones young enough to get it might get hurt because of it. Thus, the best approach is to avoid using it.

6. Physical abuse

Physical abuse not only causes physical hurt but may also become a cause of trauma to your child. To help your child grow up as a kind person, you should never indulge in physically abusing your child ever.

7. Giving your child orders

Do not teach your child to take orders or give orders. To get a thing done, you should always request the child and teach him to do the same.

8. Maintaining unnecessary distance

At times to teach your child a lesson it is fine to distance yourself from the child. However, making this habit a part of life to discipline your child is not a good technique.

9. Threatening about consequences

You should never threaten your kid about the consequences to get a certain thing, for instance, homework done. These threats might work in the short run, but in the long run, these have a negative impact.

10. Using abusive language

Verbal abuse is as much unacceptable as physical abuse. Not only does using foul language have a bad impact on the children, but they easily pick up these words and begin using them in daily life. Soon these words become a part and parcel of their language.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Most Negative Parenting Discipline Techniques To Avoid. After shunning these methods, you must go through the techniques of positive parenting that comes as a handy guide.

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