Top 10 Must Consider Honeymoon Destinations In India

Top 10 Must Consider Honeymoon Destinations In India

Here we are presenting to all the newly weds the list of Top 10 Must Consider Honeymoon Destinations In India without any further ado. These are as follows:

1. Andaman


This is one of the most popular honeymoon places in India. There are loads of activities that couple can enjoy doing together. The secluded island is sure to keep you and your loved one engaged and busy. It is rightly called the tropical paradise.

2. Goa


You can rightly term this place as the best beach honeymoon destination that you can avail. This famous honeymoon spot has attracted the couples for years and given them loads of memories to cherish. You can have a good romantic time here.

3. Srinagar


The Heaven on Earth can be a great honeymoon spot for you as well as it has been for others for years. It can also be termed as the most romantic destination for the lovers giving them an opportunity to bloom their love in the laps of nature at its best.

4. Agra


This one is the place that has been marked as the epitome of love because the very popular Taj Mahal is located there. You can surely choose this to be your honeymoon destination.

5. Jaisalmer


If we keep aside the hills and the waters, then there is this place that is beautified with the velvety sands of Thar that you can chose to be your honeymoon destination. You can enjoy the vibrant culture as well as the age old tradition of this ‘Golden City’.

6. Gangtok


If scenic beauty is what takes you close t your lover by letting your mind breath and enjoy the moment then you must choose Gangtok for sure. It is trending honeymoon spot at present as has a lot of romance to offer.

7. Udaipur


‘City of Lakes’ has never disappointed when it comes to scenic beauty and is equally charming as a honeymoon destination. This royal place makes all the difference in giving you a sophisticated air about being on a honeymoon.

8. Alleppey


If backwaters is something that lures your better half then it is the right time to charm your beloved by taking her on a much awaited honeymoon to Alleppey.

9. Kovalam


Though it is the iconic lighthouse that has gained this place the popularity but it is also equally popular for being one of the best honeymoon destinations of the present times.

10. Manali


Last but not least, in our list is the popular hill station Manali in India. No other destination can beat this one when it comes to an epic honeymoon spot.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Must Consider Honeymoon Destinations In India that you must consider while you plan your honeymoon. None of these destinations, if chosen will make you regret your decision in any way. so, just relax and decide which one you wish to go in for your honeymoon.

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