Top 10 Must Try Adventure Activities in Manali

Top 10 Must Try Adventure Activities in Manali

Manali is not only a scenic beauty but also has in store for you a plenty f adventurous activities. If you are planning to visit the place, then here is the list of Top 10 must try adventure activities in Manali.

  1. Rafting

Stream rafting in the Beas that is around 30km downstream from Manali is one adventure activity that you must not ignore if you are fond of adventure sports.  There are different packages that you can avail and experience this adventure sport.

  1. Trekking

Trekking in Manali is one experience that will get you close to the nature. Doing so in normal conditions might be yet another activity but doing the same under extreme conditions turns out to be an adventure sport for you. There are umpteen trekking points available.

  1. Camping

Camping is the best adventure activity in Manali that you can enjoy in the lap of nature. This also gets you close to the nature as you get to explore the place in depth and spent more time with nature.

  1. Bijli Mahadev Trek with Rafting Camping in Kullu Manali

This is one perfect way of enjoying the nature and the adventures that it has in store for you. If you are a lover of the extreme activities then this activity must not skip out of your list. you can camp by the riverside and then indulge in activities like bonfire.

  1. Paragliding

Paragliding in Manali is a great fun. You can enjoy parachuting and hang skimming. This will help you overcome your fear and have a look at the city from the top.

  1. Skiing

There are a lot of ski slants in Manali. You can enjoy the same at the snow-topped mountains and amongst the thick conifer woodland as well as the lavish green knolls.

  1. Manali to Leh Bike Trip from Delhi

It is nt alwsy the sport that turns out to be adventurous for you. If you go in for Manali to Leh Bike Trip from Delhi, then not only is this feasible but at the same time, it is also fun and full of adventure.

  1. Jeep Safari

With all the relevant and correct information about the courses/maps, photographs, recordings, you may go in for enjoying the adventure via Jeep Safari.

  1. Zorbing

The Solang valley offers you not only skiing and paragliding but there are other activities also that you can enjoy here. One of the adventure sports that you must not miss out on is Zorbing

  1. River Crossing

River crossing is one activity that you must not miss out if you are at Manali. It will rejuvenate you and refresh your body and mind.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Must Try Adventure Activities In Manali. If you miss out on many of these then you will lose out on a lot of fun and enjoyment in addition to the memorable moments that you might make here.

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