Top 10 small Pets

Here are some Top 10 small Pets which are recommended for kids and specially for those kids who loves and care about them.

Top 10 small Pets

1.Guinea pigs:-

 Top 10 small Pets

Guinea pigs are very affectionate. They do not have a very strong odor. They do have pretty easy kate requirements and they also have a pretty easy diet to keep up with on a daily basis guinea pig should be fed hate  as well as well as grass pallets and you can  also give them vegetable as treat. If you spent a lot of time with them they start to remember you. They are very quiet at night however during the day they will squeal a lot especially when they see their owner and they just will a lot when they are excited, they make a lot of different noises greeting you when they scared. These type of pets are recommended for young children.


 Top 10 small Pets

Rabbits are another great pet for young kids. They can be indoor or outdoor pets and if you do want to keep a rabbit inside then its better to get a smaller breed of rabbit. There is lots of different breeds so when you do look into getting a rabbit just look into the different breeds and sizes. Their diet is also very easy and just like any pics it’s hay and pallets every day and offers vegetables as well. They have pretty easy Kate requirements. They are very quiet and also economical.


 Top 10 small Pets

Hamsters are also pretty quiet. They do have easy Kate requirement.They have minimum odor. A lot of thing from hamster is going to be its wheel when its running on it at night however you can get silent wheels so that it does not make a lot of noise. These are indoor pets. If you have a large hamster you should have only one. However the small door hamsters are very social and they should always be kept in pairs or more.


 Top 10 small Pets

Rats are very affectionate and they are very intelligent. It’s a kind of like having a dog. They can be trained to do tricks. They can come to their name they are very very smart and they are also pretty quiet for the most part as well as they are some of the cheapest pets to own. Rats are very cheap to buy and they are also pretty cheap to maintain and they are also indoor pets. Rats are very social and they love being with other rats.

5.Bearded Dragon:-

Bearded dragons are the only reptile that would recommended for kids. Reptiles can be difficult to care for. They are much different than rodents and require a lot of more care. Bearded dragons are one of the only reptiles that you can handle a lot. There is a lot of reptiles in the pet treat that you actually can’t pick up their just to look at. The care level of bearded  dragons is difficult and there’s a couple of reasons why like dragons are only eat insects if they are alive and bearded dragons need to be fed live in sex on a regular basis. They also need special heat and lighting provided bearded dragons see the basketing temperature of 100 degrees and they also need UV in light and they are recommended only for older kids. They are little more expensive.


Ferrets are extremely intelligent. They are pretty quiet and their diet is also very easy to maintain because we can just buy packaged ferrets food for and kind of like dogs and cats and ferrets are also extremely friendly it’s kind of like having cat. Ferrets d require large cages and they also need to be let out of their cage so they can exercise and play. They sleep 18 hours in aday so if we have not a lot of time to spend with an animal then this type of pets are most recommended.



Hedgehogs are very difficult to pick. It is generally recommended only for older kids. Some of the pros and owning a hedgehog is they do have an easy diet. There is commercial hedgehog food available in market. They have pretty easy Kate requirements and they are also very cute. They are mostly nocturnal so they are going to be awake mostly just during the night. Price range for this is little more expansive.


Parakeets are sociable birds and enjoy being kept in pairs or groups.There are a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies that you can give your parakeet.Don’t Put chocolates , salty or sweet treats that make your parakeet sick, if not prove to be fatal.


Cats can care for themselves and they do not require for whole attention so that can be good things for some kids. Cats need regular checkups as well as vaccinations. They looks so cute. Diets are very common for this type of pet like milk, paneer, nonveg etc.


Dogs do need to be little bit trained. They requires a lot of attention but they are also very fun to take out on blocks and to the park and of all the animals cats and dogs will require the most of that care. Dogs also need regular checkups s well as vaccinations. They are very friendly to human and they cares of their owner. They are economical and easily available.

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