Steps To Make A Cloth Face Mask

Steps To Make A Cloth Face Mask

In the shortage of N95 and surgical masks, you must use a cloth mask to stay safe against coronavirus. You can easily make these cloth masks at home in a few easy steps. All you need is to have a little know-how of how to use a sewing machine. 

These cloth masks are not only easy to make but also very economical. You can wash these for each use and use them again. Before you sit down to make a cloth mask, ensure that you have these following things in ready by your side:

1. Cotton fabric

You should use a piece of cotton fabric to make a cloth mask at home. Try using a cotton fabric that is woven very tightly. To exemplify, you can opt for using quilting fabric, high thread-count fabric from pillowcases or sheets, or T-shirt fabric.

2. Elastic material

Another thing that you need to make a cloth mask is an elastic band. You can use any of the household items that have elastic like a rubber band and hair ties. In addition to this, you can also make use of a string or shoelaces.

3. A filter

You can opt for making use of a coffee filter. It is easily available at home as well as in the nearby convenience store. Other than this, you can also consider making use of a part of a HEPA vacuum bag or say an air conditioning filter.

4. Sewing materials

Last but not least, you need to have a sewing machine at home. Without a sewing machine it is difficult to make a mask but not impossible. In the absence of a sewing machine you can use a needle and a thread but it is a little time as well as effort consuming. Also keep a pair of scissors handy.

Steps To Make A Cloth Mask At Home

Here are the steps that you need to follow to make a cloth mask at home.

Step 1.

Cut the cotton fabric into two rectangular pieces in the ratio 10 by 6 inches and stack these two pieces on top of one another. Before stitching these together ensure inserting the coffee filter in between.

Step 2.

From the top and bottom of the fabric fold a quarter of ¼ inch and stitch across from both the sides of the cloth.

Step 3.

Next you need to fold the two short sides around half an inch and stitch it. Do not stick it too close from the edge.

Step 4.

In the two hems, using a needle you need to pass the elastic.

Step 5.

Tightly tie or stitch the two ends of the elastic or make a knot in case you are using a shoelace string instead of plastic.

Step 6.

Your cloth mask is now ready to use.

Isn’t it easy to make these cloth masks at home? You can make one for each member of your family today in just six steps.

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