Pros And Cons Of Using Homemade Cloth Face Masks

Cloth Face Masks

To curb the spread of coronavirus from one person to another, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending the use of a mask. Due to the unavailability of N95 and surgical masks, more and more people are opting to use cloth face masks. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a six feet distance from another person. In such a case it is a face mask that comes to your rescue. In this article we are going to mention the Pros And Cons Of Using Homemade Cloth Face Masks.

Some Recommendations for using homemade face masks

Before you begin to depend on these cloth masks for protection against COVID -19, you must read the following recommendations. Despite wearing a homemade face mask it is important to still maintain 6 feet distance from another person if possible. You need to wash these face masks after each use properly to use it again. These cloth masks are not suitable for people who have breathing issues. While removing these masks, ensure not touching your face especially, nose, mouth, and eyes. Use good cotton fabric to make these masks at home.

Advantages of using homemade face masks

There are plenty of advantages of using face masks that you make at home amid COVID-19. These are as follows:

Easily available

You can make these masks using common and easily available materials at home. His means you can make as many masks as you want.

Are economical

These face masks that you make at home are very economical. Not only are these masks reusable but you can make them using very little resources.

Lowers the risk

This lowers the risk of transmission of the virus from one person to another while speaking, coughing, or sneezing.

Something better than nothing

Will going out without a mask be a better option than wearing a cloth mask? Obviously not. Thus, it is better to use a cloth mask that you make at home. Something is better than nothing.

Disadvantages of using homemade face masks

There are a plethora of disadvantages of using face masks that you make at home. These are as follows:

A fake sense of protection

These masks offer you a sense of security but it is false. There is no doubt that these masks do offer you some protection. However, this protection is not the same as surgical masks or N95 offers. These are almost half as effective as N95 and surgical masks and are less than 50 times less effective.

Not a substitute

These are not a substitute for any other measure that you need to take to protect yourself. You need to maintain proper hygiene practices as well as social distancing.

These are some of the pros and cons of using the cloth face masks that you make at home. Undoubtedly, benefits of using cloth masks are more than pitfalls. Thus, you should get ready to make these at home. Thoroughly reading the tips to make face masks at home will help you a lot.

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