8 Stunning Ways to Surprise him on Valentine’s Day

ways to surprise girls on Valentine’s Day

Someone has rightly said, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Knowing the value of love and having a partner, one always try to find out ways to make their better half surprised and happy. It is not always boys who are supposed to figure out ways to surprise girls on Valentine’s Day, girls also need to make an effort. In case you not able to determine the ways in which you can surprise your man then here we are with few ideas. All these ideas are going to make this love day, all the more special for him and he is going to cherish it till you surprise him next. Here we are with 8 stunning ways to surprise him on valentine’s day.

  1. An adventure

All boys love adventure in one form or the other and they never get bored of it. On this valentine day you can surprise your boyfriend by taking him out on a romantic outdoor adventure. It can be anything like a hike to a viewpoint or camping, kayaking or say backpacking. Let not the gadgets intrude your privacy while you spend quality time with one another enjoying the thrill of the adventure that comes with a perfect blend of romance.

  1. Get away valentine

If you can manage to get a change in the scenery then go in for doing the same. You can go in for  booking a weekend trip getaway. Opt for the type of a destination that he is fond of as it will reflect your interest in him and how well you know his choice and preferences.  You can opt for places that are wineries, countryside or say the seaside.

  1. Give him a shopping spree

Yes, boys are equally enthusiastic about buying new stuff for them as girls are. It is just that their way of demonstrating the same varies. If you head out to but clothing for your buy, it is possible that it might not suit him well or fit him well. The best thing that you can do this valentines is taking your man out for shopping. Believe us when we say that he will be happy to have you as his assistant while he shops for things of his choice.

  1. Beer or wine tour

You can take your man on a tasting tour if he has a love for wine or beer. Get to know the best breweries or the wine bars in your city or nearby that you can easily approach. You need to take him there via cab in case you can’t drive yourself so that he does not have to worry about driving while he is drinking. Ensure that you do not k him pay the bill as it is your surprise plan for him.

  1. Favorite show or game

Figure out the favorite music groups that he has or his favorite teams in your city or nearby. This will not only be a sort of valentine gift but at the same time will act as a perfect valentine date as well.

  1. Drive-in movie dinner

You must know that more than movie theatres, it is the drive-ins that men find more attractive and romantic. Cosy warm blankets in addition to drinks that you can serve him with his favourite snacks can be really a stunning idea to surprise him on February 14.

  1. Arrange for his favourite activity

There must be some thrilling activity that your boyfriend might be passionate about. It can be an outdoor or an indoor activity. You simply need to figure it out and arrange for the same for him. Activities like skydiving, paragliding or parasailing are region specific but there are others that you can plan for him as a substitute of these activities on a short note but if possible plan a visit to such places where his favourite adrenaline activity can be pursued.

  1. Blindfold surprise

You man is yours forever, so kidnap and blindfold him and take him to a place that is well arranged for the valentines surprise. One after another give him those little surprises that he will love to receive. Get his favorite drink, food, cake etcetera. You can go in for blindfolding him using a new tie that he can keep as a gift with himself.

All in all, these are the 8 stunning ways to surprise him on valentine’s day that are easy to follow and apply. Not even one of these ways is going to burden your pocket excessively. If you have more ideas in mind you can surely share the same with us in the comment section below. The perfect way to sum up the feelings of love  is as follows, “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”

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