Ideas for Valentine’s Day surprise for Her

Ideas for Valentine’s Day surprise for Her

Valentine’s day has finally come and all of us are looking for ways to make our girlfriends or wives happy by surprising them. Not all of us are creative but surely wants to do something special for our partner. To help you out with this, we are here with some ideas. Girls are stepping out of their comfort zones to prepare a valentine’s surprise for boys, then there is no excuse left for you not to prepare one. Here we are with the beautiful ideas for valentine’s day surprise for her.

1. Feed her breakfast in bed

First thing that you can do to surprise your lady love is shower love on her right in the morning.  On the occasion of Valentine’s Day prepare a special breakfast for her and surprise her to bits. This is one way to impress your love. Your efforts of having cooked the meal and prepared the presentation swill never go unnoticed or underappreciated. One tip that can be of great help in this plan is cleaning the kitchen once you are done with the preparations.

2.  Give her love letter at different time intervals

You can go in for writing love letters. Not one but many. You can then deliver these to her one after another at different intervals of time. This will keep her energy level high as she will keep expecting one at odd times. It will thus make her experience the magical feelings of love. This can get even more fun if you are good at writing rhymes and love poems.

3.  Give her your valuable time

Time is one of the most precious gift that you can give someone. For all the other things might hold value but not your time. Try to be with and around her the entire day. Accompany her where ever she desires to go or in whatever she wants to do. This simple act of devotion is going to revive the magic in the romance that one desires the most when in love.

4.  Arrange for her favorite movie

Gender differences are huge when it comes to choice of entertainment, especially the movies. This gives you a vent to prepare something for your better half that she will surely appreciate. You can plan for watching a romantic movie with her. Do pick the film that she wishes to watch or the one that is her all- time favourite as latter will also give you opportunity to skip into romantic breaks without fearing to lose the track of the movie. Even if you do not like the movie, it is not a big deal to tolerate it one time for few hours.

5.  Imitate the first date of yours

Nostalgia, I guess! If she is with you then obviously she loves each and every precious moment that she has spent with you. why not recreate the gone by moments for her that she can cherish again? Yes, we intend to say, recreating your first date. Take her to the same place, wear the same dress, order the same food, and propose to her again etcetera. Do all those things you did on your first date. If you cannot completely recreate the impression of first date then you can at least try to arrange for the date that appears to be your first one.

6. Open air lunch or dinner

Dining indoors is fun but sometimes you must try a venue that brings you close to the nature. You can plan taking your girlfriend to some restaurant that offers scenic view. The dining place that overlooks something that is naturally beautiful is a romantic idea in itself. Search for some good open-air place or the restaurants in your city and plan your valentine’s date there. Your lady love is surely going to like this as it is going to give her ample opportunities to capture the moment in stunning backdrop. It is not necessary that you have to plan a lunch date, you can plan a dinner date also. In case of latter you can also add charm by lighting a candle and making it a candle lit dinner date.

7. Gifts that are highly personalized

Prepare a gift for her that has a personal touch in it. you can go in for making a hamper that contains all those things that she like to eat. Other than that you can also make a hamper that has cosmetics n it that she loves the most. You also have an option to tie her beautiful picture to the helium balloons and pack them in a carton and as soon as she opens the carton the balloons spread in the entire room. This is possible all that you can do this valentine’s day without burdening your pockets.

8. Handmade greeting card

You can prepare a handmade greeting card on valentine’s day for your partner. On this card you can write beautiful love messages or mention few love quotes that will leave the other one mesmerized. you can write things like, “ I am like a blooming flower, which cannot live without the sun: I also cannot live without you  my love.” Or  “I will share all your sadness to make you cheerful, and all your joy to make you happy. We have one love for two.” There are also some beautiful quotes that you can  mention. “ You are the last thought in my mind before I drift off to sleep and the first thought when I wake up each morning.” This is one example of a beautiful quote.


All in all, these are the stunning ideas for valentine’s day surprise for her. These are all easy to follow and pocket friendly too. In case you have more such ideas then do share these with us in the comment section below.

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