Top 10 Places in Chandigarh to Celebrate Your Birthday

Top 10 Places in Chandigarh to Celebrate Your Birthday

So you’re excited much for your birthday and you want to head to some great destination in Chandigarh to celebrate it with friends and family. Given below are the places where you can celebrate to the hilt and not feel guilt to eat lots and lots of food:

1. Barbeque Nation: Buffet is served here in large quantities. Menu is well-framed. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian, both the options are here. Mini-barbeque is served at the table. The place is a bit expensive but you’ll get full cost of your money i.e. paisa vasool.

2.Playground: It is sector 26 Chandigarh, a newly opened place. You get to satisfy your culinary buds. It is great for birthday parties and when you want to have fun with your friends.

3. boulevard 26: There are many drinks option offered to you. The staff is lively and courteous. You can also order healthy options like salads and lights snacks and soups. Starters till main course, it is a lovely place to eat out. Plus the ambience are super-great and you will go again and again here.

4. Pal Dhaba:Punjabi food in sector-28 is a great place to hang out with friends and family. It is a hub of celebrities and the Prime Minister of Canada has visited here. You will find photographs of celebrities stuck on the wall. Above all, the food is great and it will bring water to your mouth.

5. Hotel Mount view: It is in sector-10 and big renowned hotel serving different cuisines to all types of customers. Many tourists and foreign delegates visit here. Food is exceptional and you can have a roof-top sitting too.

6. Sector-17/ Sindhis: It is a nice place to satisfy your taste buds. Ambience and food both are superb. Punjabi food is what the star attraction is. Price is reasonable and snacks are good. You can tell your choice and order less spicy food. Menu is exceptional and you can have your me-time here.

7. Stu-c: It is a place in Panjab University, mostly for students but youngsters and old; all can go there. Food is served in a thali costing Rs 40 and it is very much affordable. All the birds chirp while you sit to eat. Shahi paneer, tandoori roti makes the best combination and you can order junk food like burgers and fries also.

8. Chillis: Chillis is in Elante and serves various drinks and have amazing items in the menu. Serving staff is superb and you’ll be fully satisfied at the end of main course. Environment is comfortable and you can enjoy a secluded evening here.

9. Mobe: Mobe is in Elante and it is a nice place to relax, rewind and have fun with the family. Order pizza, drinks, beer etc. Though the place would definitely burn a hole in your pocket.

10. The cove: Hotel is a big property and there are three levels in it. You get to sit pool-side on rooftop. There is a bar too. Tee-totallers have the option to order from the menu. Chinese, continental, Indian; they have a variety to offer in the menu. Customers remains happy as service is at its best. Though visiting on festivals like karva chauth and diwali is a tad bit fussy but you’ll managed to get seat.

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