List of Top 10 Bird Pets That Can Be Kept At House And Add Charm



When it comes to keeping a pet, people usually go in for considering the animals. There are very few people who prefer to keep bird pets  as a pet at home. There might be several reasons behind the same but the most common is the unawareness about the birds that you can keep as a pet at your home. This derived in us the urge to find out the best species that you can keep at your house. therefore, we have prepared a list of such top 10 bird species that can keep at house in order to enhance the feeling of humility and familiarity. Not only these but there are many other bird species that you can easily keep at your place. the best features that these species have to offer to you is that these are not at all expensive to maintain. in addition to this, they fill your house with an entire new warmth and love that it relaxes your mood and rejuvenates your sole.

Here is the list of top 10 bird pets that can be kept at house:


bird-species-that-can-be -kept-at-house

In the list of bird species that can be kept at house, Cockaitels bags the first place. These are the most affectionate species. One of the major reason why you can go in for choosing Cockaitels is that they are low maintenance birds and not at all expensive. You can keep these in your house and this will not raise your living expense.

2.African Grey Parrots

bird-species-that-can-be -kept-at-house

One of the reason that favours owning this bird is that these are very intelligent, sensitive and have a quite nature. This is the essential reason that you will find this bird in the list of bird species that can be kept at house.These are affectionate and at the same time independent. The size of the bird is appropriate to handle. Initially owning the bird may prove expensive but later the charges are minimal.

3.Budgerigars Budgerigars


Bird species that can be kept at house are many but the most adorable are the BudgerigarsThese are the small and less noisy, playful species and full of affection. Additionally, these are easy to maintain and comparatively less expensive to the others. Due to their small size they require a very less space.


bird-species-that-can-be -kept-at-house

it is a gentle, loving and intelligent bird that is not as noisy as the other birds. The only time that you are supposed to find the bird chirping unnecessarily will be when it is hungry. Otherwise, it is one of the best bird species that can be kept at house. They are smart enough to take the verbal commands. The size of the bird is neither so small that you fear losing them nor large enough to take up much space. They love cuddling.


bird-species-that-can-be -kept-at-house

What they like the best is the calmness and the quietness. There is nothing more than this that they crave for. These are gentle birds usually possessing a quite nature. At the same time they are also loyal and capable to speak few words. They are not at all messy. These are intelligent enough to learn new words and imitate them immediately having the guarding capabilities. Say a word and at some time or the other you will find them repeating the same. These love to imitate their masters.


bird-species-that-can-be -kept-at-house

Having marvellous mimicry capability these are smart birds that greet you every time you leave or enter the room. These are affectionate birds that do not require much space to live.


bird-species-that-can-be -kept-at-house

These are either shy or boisterous species requiring a less space to accommodate having amusing antics. These can be easily trained to perform the stupid pet tricks.

8.Amazon Parrots

bird-species-that-can-be -kept-at-house

These are the small birds that easily demonstrate their mood swings with the help of their body language. They are loving and very affectionate. By looking at them and their body postures you can easily figure out what is going inside the ird. It will help you through its body language to sort out the problem that they are facing. These are the most homely species of bird who desires to be loved and also love you back with the equal warmth.

9.Quaker Parrots

bird-species-that-can-be -kept-at-house

These are easy to maintain and very jovial bird species having a loving nature. Having a varied diet, it is not at all destructive if kept at home. They quietly lay back if no attention is paid towards them. They crave for your love and attention. Additionally they are good at reverting your love.

10.Pionus Parrots

bird-species-that-can-be -kept-at-house

Mostly a quiet bird that craves for attention though is fine if kept alone. It is intelligent enough to learn new words. These can be easily accommodated and feed on variety of diet. These are easy to maintain bird species. You can give them any type of food that is apt for feeding the birds. They are not at all choosy but are demanding of attention. They love it if you pay them attention and in return they love you in all the possible ways that they can.

These are the top 10 adorable birds that you can keep at your home. These will not only provide you the love and affection but will also add the aesthetic value to your home. Next time if you are planning to get a pet then instead of going in for the usual animals, try something new. the added benefits that you get if you domesticate a bird specie is that some of them are also capable of talking. If not properly then in broken pieces of words but they do talk. Choose any of the above mentioned specie of bird after analyzing all their characteristics and behavior and I am sure that you will in no case be disheartened. Bring them home and see what a difference they can make.

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