Top 10 Most Popular Fairy Tales That Will Never Die


The art of story-telling is quite old. Both, the ones who hear these and the one who tell these tales, love doing the same. Grandmas are incomplete if they are not habitual to telling the stories. The most fascinating thing about story telling is that we hear the same fairy tale time and again without losing interest. We are well aware what the plot of the tale is and how it is going to conclude but if somebody is narrating it out loud, be a kid or any age we tend to sit down and hear the same. Also, we cannot deny the fact that most of us we be narrating the same stories to our kids and their kids that too with the same enthusiasm. Here are the most popular fairy tales that will never die.

List of top 10 most popular fairy tales that will never die

1.Beauty and the Beast


This is a favourite fairy tale of everyone and so makes a place in the list of most popular fairy tales.  It is the work of Madame Leprince de Beaumount. The story fired the imagination of many writers who made the same plot as a theme for their writing as well. It is the most intellectually satisfying of all the stories because it revolves around true feelings of love. A beautiful girl perceived ugliness to the goodness of the heart underneath, this is how the story goes.

2.The Tinderbox


Another in the list of most popular fairy tales is Hans Christian Andersen’s wrote, The Tinderbox which was published in Copenhagen on 8 May 1835 when Andersen was 29. The story revolves around the unusual dog. There is a conversation between the witch is standing by the side of the road and a soldier.The witch given him the means to make himself rich beyond his wildest dreams in return for bringing her the tinderbox. Instead of showing gratitude, he chops her head off before setting out to find a town where he might spend his money.



The word blue beard tends to mesmerize all those who hear the name. Bluebeard is attractive not because of his blue beard but because of his immense fortune. Every time he marries, the bride is eventually left alone with the keys to his castle. She is allowed to look in every room she finds fantastic but one. The story is about curiosity having very little magic in it. The only magic is the supernatural key that starts bleeding the moment the forbidden door is opened. How so ever hard you may try but cleaning the blood is impossible.

4.The Valiant Tailor


This is one of the popular tales about a jolly little tailor who buys some jam to spread on his bread. He leaves the bread and jam on the windowsill meanwhile he finishes making a belt. Several flies settle on the bread and jam. He kills seven of them with a single blow. Then gets so annoyed that he stitches the words Seven in One Blow onto the belt and what he leaves out is the word “flies”. He then leaves for a journey which leads him to conquer giants and get rid of other beasties. Ultimately, he wins the hand of the king’s daughter. The king’s daughter is however, not happy to marry a simple tailor. She plots to kill him but is unable to succeed.


Originally, unlike what we know it today, it is the story about a girl who is left as a responsibility on the plight of her father and a stepmother by her mother on a deathbed who allows the King to marry again if he can find a woman as beautiful as she, and as long her finger fits her ring. The King searches his land and finding no one of that description except his daughter, decides to marry her. Cinderella runs away to the house of the merchant where begins the story as we today know it.

6.Sleeping Beauty


Unlike the story that we know today, the reality seems to be something else. Originally, many fairy tales were meant to be told to young girls after their first period. Actually the story runs like this, the poor princess pricked her finger and fell asleep. After one hundred years it was up to the prince to wake her but his kisses do nothing to awaken her. He falls in love with her body and rapes her. After the birth of her twins when one of the babies suckles at her breast she wakes up. The Prince tells her all what happened. Prince’s mother was an ogress who longs to eat her grandchildren and there after runs the story, we today know.



It is a story that is relates to human nature that hinges on a boast. A miller brags to the king that his daughter can spin gold from straw. The daughter takes the supernatural help of a dwarf to make the boast come true. In return the deal with the dwarf was that she will give him her first-born child. The spell can only be broken if she can find out his name.  she hears him singing,

Little does my lady dream

Rumpelstilskin is my name.

and the child is saved.

8.Puss in Boots


It is about a miller’s son who has been left a cat in the will of his father. The miller’s son is not too delighted with his inheritance until the cat ensures him that he can make the young man’s fortune. All the cat requires is a pair of boots. It is a story of a con man disguised as a cat doing the seemingly impossible for a master who does little to deserve such help. The cat makes him richer than he could possibly have imagined and he marries the most beautiful princess.

9.Snow White


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one such fairy tale that will always find a place in the list of most popular fairy tales. It is a story that revolves around jealousy of youth, beauty and a pure soul. Snow White  who is a beautiful soul is envied by her step mother who has a mirror that informs her that Snow White is the most beautiful girl on the earth. The step mother orders to get her dead but is lied. Considering Snow White dead the lady is happy in her world of beauty but soon she gets to know the truth and the story takes a turn. The seven dwarfs also play an important role in the story.

10.Hansel and Gretel


Hansel and Gretel are the two kids abandoned by those that should have loved and cared for them the most. They are taken into the woods by their parents and left there to be killed by wild animals. They leave a trail and find their way home only to be turned back to the forest.

The main point to be noticed is that most of us reading this article were already aware about the plot of the tale, but still we read the same. That too, with great interest, waiting for what was to come next. This in itself is the reason enough to support that fairy tales are meant to dominate the world. These have become the legacy that in a way is compulsory for us to hand over to the coming generation. Otherwise we are filled with the guilt of having missed out on something very important that are forthcoming generation required to know.

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