Top 10 Must Do Things In Chandigarh That Will Give You Pleasure


Chandigarh, usually termed as the city beautiful, is the capital of two states, Haryana and Punjab. It is a mesmerizing city that finds a location in the foothills of Shivalik Mountains. The mastermind behind the plan of the city is the  French architect Le Corbusier. Here is a list of Top 10 Must Do Things In Chandigarh That Will Give You Pleasure:

‎1.Enjoying sunset at Sukhna Lake


Visiting Sukhna Lake is one of the 10 must do things in Chandigarh. It a seasonal stream that is situated near the foothills of Himalayas is an artificial water body. You can visit the place with your loved ones to have a peaceful time that you can cherish. Also, you can enjoy boating and delicious food at the restaurant. You can also enjoy having a morning walk at the place.

‎2.Enjoyment on Geri Route


The popular geri route is known to unite the youth of the city. The route stretches from the streets of sector 8 to sector 11. Youngsters of the colleges that lie in the vicinity drive around slowly in this area on their bikes and cars to have the fun. Youth can be found involving in decent flirting and teasing. The police personnel that is in charge of this area ensure that youth do not involve in rash driving and rowdy behavior. There are good eating spots and shopping points on the way. These include, ‘get deserted’, ‘willows cafe’, ‘velvet kabab’, ‘shelly’s wardrobe’, ‘bon norriture’ and others.

‎3.Treat at Dumpling Hood


Sector 9 is loaded with a lot of popular places, one among them being the Dumpling hood. Here you get tasty wheat dumplings (momos) that are famous all over the city. People from all the places come to have momos here. There are certain who may be unaware of the place. Slowly and steadily the place will still gain popularity though it is popular among the youth of the city. These are served with mayonnaise and some unique tomato dip that makes them mouth watering.

‎‎4.Beverages at Brew Estate


Brew Estate is one of the best restaurants and a completely new concept in Chandigarh. The place has gained a lot of popularity in a short span due to the variety that you get there and the awesome ambiance that it has to offer to you.  The list of their servings on the menu is vast enough to keep you engrossed for whatever time you choose to be there. The list is inclusive of hard drinks, mock tails, coffee, pasta, fries and much more.  Due to certain laws, the location of the restaurant has been shifted from sector 26 to Elante mall in the industrial area.

‎5.Food at Night food street


Night food street is yet another thing that you need to try. It is an eminent spot to have food in Chandigarh, that too, late night. Located near PGI it attracts the students of  Panjab University who are habitual to visiting the library and having food late at night. It is a blessing for those who indulge in late night studies. Here you can have Maggi, paranthas, tea etc right under the moonlight. On weekends there you can see more crowd as all the youngsters gather there to hangout and have food after clubbing with their friends.

‎6.Enjoy loitering and having tasty stuff at STU-C


STU C is the favorite pass time spot of the youngsters. Here they not only get awesome and reasonable food but it is a hub for all the university students. Lemonade and rajma rice are a must have if you visit the place.youth find it a good place to pass there time having food and gossiping.

‎7.Visiting unique rock garden


The rock garden is one of the must visit place in the city. It is a garden of broken bangles, plates, electrical waste as well as stones. It is a master piece of sculpture art created by Nek Chand. A garden is a famed place that is fashioned from urban and industrial waste. Having an open theater, swings and a few food stalls render beauty to the place. The artistic miniature maze renders the amazing view to the garden that attracts the attention of all.

‎8.Shopping at local market

sector 22 chandigarh

There are certain street markets in the city that give consumers the satisfaction of bargaining and buying. Sector 15 is one of the local markets of the city that has a wide range of clothes, accessories, and footwear for people of all the ages. The unique collection presented attract people for several reasons, one being the affordable prices. Beautiful and attractive goods can be found at reasonable prices.

9.‎Visit Govt museum and Art gallery


Government museum and Art gallery are one of the major attraction of the place. Especially for those who have an extreme love for art. You will find this in sector 10 and exhibits approximately 10,000 paintings and sculptures. The gallery has three different sections. These are The National History Museum, The National Gallery of Portrait and The Chandigarh Architecture Museum. The museum has miniature paintings, Buddha sculptures, Gandharan sculptures and a lot more. Those who have a special place for art in their heart or appreciate it feel mesmerized after having looked at the spectacular work by numerous artists.

‎10.Eat at Pal Dhaba


What gets old, gets traditional. Such is a case with Pal Dhaba. For all the food lovers, it is a good place to have a meal. It is quite a famous Dhaba which you will find in sector 28. The place serves the mouth-watering varieties of chicken. To name a few is the chicken rice with green chutney, dahi chicken, and lemon chicken. Unlike as the name suggests, it has air-conditioned sitting in addition to the open air seating. The service is quite appropriate. Not only this, but the charges are also reasonable that calls for more customers. You can see well-known personalities paying the visit to the place.

To sum up, these are the 10 Must Do Things In Chandigarh when you visit the city beautiful the next time.


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