Top 10 Most Popular Bar, Clubs And Pubs In Chandigarh


If you are one of the person who had left the hometown few years back to come and settle in Chandigarh, might have felt the dramatic changes in the nightlife of the city. Earlier there were few places where people could go and rejuvenate their mind after the hectic schedule they have to follow the entire week. Now the nightlife has changed. There are several pubs, clubs and bars that have found a place for themselves not only in the city but also in the hearts of people. You have a long list of most popular bar, pubs and clubs in the city from which you can make a choice. Microbrewery is the new vogue of the time.

1.Whisky 111


It is a continental bar holding a place in the list of most popular bar, pubs and clubs in Chandigarh.This bar has created quite a flutter in the liquor connoisseur circles. Whisky 111 is an appropriate place to enjoy some rare Scotches, Single Malts and other labels sourced from all over the globe. The crowd at this place is also good.

2.Hops n Grains


It is a multi-cuisine. It is a relief to those who have love for freshly brewed beer especially in the summers. Hops n Grains perfect is a perfect place to save your soul from the scorching heat of sun. here you can find variety of beer. The four varieties of lager beer are premium, light, wheat and dark. These perfectly compliment the microbrewery’s Italian ambience.

3.Tao Bar Lounge


It falls into the category of multi-cuisine and is one of the most popular bar. The pub is an archetypal example of modern unwinding avenue. It is perfect place for those who are fond of partying. You get served all the sort of drinks and the food. The music that plays is a perfect combo for partying that adds to the charm. Mostly this place is a vogue among the college students who prefer organizing their parties at this place. Especially, due to the comfort the environment of this place provides.



Many of the bar here in the city beautiful run under the big names and inside their main area. One such bar is Lava. It is a small, cozy place within the walls of Taj. Lava is the retro themed bar of the Taj Chandigarh. A perfect place for people who desire to enjoy the best of brands from all across the globe and at the same time prefer to sit back and enjoy the music in the perfect company of not only those who are with them but also the random crowd present there. Although, it can prove quite expensive for you if you are planning to explore this place.



Kava is a multi-cuisine. It has a collection of well-stacked liquor bottles. These are placed or you can say displayed very neatly on the shelves. The dance cum dining arena of the city gets heated almost thrice a week. It turns lively almost on every alternative night. You can enjoy the best of food, drink, dance and music.



Peddlers  is a multi-cuisine. Here you get the best of food, drinks and not to forget the music. It is one such place that knows how to attract the crowd for sure. With the best of the bands playing almost every night there is more enjoyment than one can expect. Not only this, one add on thing that theplace  provides is the element of photography. It has some of the best phoographers who capture the moments for those who are lost in the fun of the beats and drinks. It is the number one grabber of the young crowd present in the city.

7.Ooze the Brahaus


This one goes into the category of being continental. A new entrant as it is in this area. Great expecations from this one awaits the populace as to hoe it would turn out to be. This one already has an intentity and a good reputation of it to maintain. The fact thereby ensures that this will be a good one to wait for.

8.Girl in the Café


Already a name in the tricirty, this one falls under the category of being a multi-cuisine.the arena is quitegood, to say it is large and air. Differentiating feature is its open kitchen which houses a hearth and an open verandah with tables. Always the music going on in the background may appeal different people as per their choice and preference pattern. As the name suggests, this place is in vogue among the girls who feel an entirely different type of comfort at that place.

9.The S Lounge


Tired and tested by many, it is a multi-cuisine. Chic and moreish, the lounge promises undiluted fun. The sequence of serving the drinks on all sorts there is some sort of music always playing in the background that depends on the type of atmosphere the place is trying to create.



Another in the list of most happening clubs, pubs and bar is the name of satva. It has some sort of a mixed crowd. Mostly, here the crowd that arrives are the elderly’s as you can say who have some sort of business and family blend to create for which this place is the apt. there are certain restrictions placed on the entry to the disc, especially on the weekends. The drinks here are served with the company of a live band performing. The band performs sometimes, in accordance with your choice and preference pattern.

So, from the list of these clubs, pubs and bar, you can choose which place you wish to spend your weekend evenings. All are good depending upon what sort of preferences you have.











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