Top 10 Websites to Watch KDrama Effortlessly

It is rightly said that “what is seen is sold”, Korean drama offers shows as per the interest of people that are from thriller to romance to action to hilarious shows. Korean dramas are widely known as the Kdramas, they are very popular worldwide, mainly due to their popular Korean culture.

These Kdramas are originally made in South Korea in the Korean language. In this era, they are having a great impact on many countries. The youth and the students all over the country felt inspired by the storylines, culture of the Kdramas.

What makes you watch Kdramas?

  • Culture of Korean people
  • The Lifestyle of Korean people
  • Fashion style of the characters
  • Distinctive cuisine there etc.

What attracts viewers to watch Kdrama?

When the viewers are watching Kdrama, they are not only watching it but instead, they are visualizing every scene in front of them. They got inspired by the characters in the show like they got attracted by the beauty of the anime girls; they are willing to be like those protagonist characters in the Kdramas because these Kdramas are a breed of Korean television with viewers across the globe. That is why the feature of English sub (subtitles) and English dub (dubbed) are also available for various shows that are going to help the viewers to connect with these shows. These offer kdrama English sub and kdrama English dub.

The best feature of Kdrama is that they engage you with the characters in the show, whatever show or drama you are watching, you will feel like that character is you, you will develop a connection with the character and you can easily reconnect with them in your life as well. In these Kdramas, you’ll get to listen to their language but their actions will depict the words that they want to convey. In many intense situations and heart-wrenching scenes, you will engage yourself to a new level.

Best Websites to Watch Kdrama

1. Ondemandkorea

website view of ondemandkorean

Ondemand Korea is one of the biggest platforms that offer a variety of Korean entertainment in a single domain. It is more like a Korean database of Tv shows, sports, life, and news. If you can’t pay for a subscription ondemand korea also offers a number of shows for free.

2. Amazon Prime Video

 website view of amazonprimevideo

The growing popularity of Kdramas has contributed to widening its reach through major OTT channels. Amazon Prime Video is a painless and cost-effective way to watch Korean shows. Prime Video subscription grants you access to hundreds of popular korean dramas that you can watch/download with its mobile app or website.

3. Kocowa

If don’t you live in North of South America please skip to next because Kocowa is only available in these locations. Kocowa is an attempt from the west to spread the Korean Drama through an online portal that gives you a subscription service to watch Kdramas.

4. Rakuten Viki

If you are a Kdrama lover you probably know this one already. Viki offers a huge collection of Korean Dramas for free. If you can compromise with video quality and ad interruption in between Viki is the perfect website to watch Kdrama for free.

5. Netflix

Gone are the days when Netflix used to be dominated by American and English shows. Popular video streaming platform Netflix has a huge viewership of Kdrama on it. Netflix offers subtitles for all Korean shows. If you already own a Netflix subscription, you are just a search away from binging your fav Korean shows.

6. Hulu

Hulu is another convenient place to watch Korean shows. Hulu works on a wide range of devices and offers a nice collection of kdramas.

7. Dramago

Dramago is one of the less talked website that offers drama shows, anime, and movies. Its design of this website may not be the best but its functionality is good enough to watch kdramas with ease.

8. Tencentvideo

Tencent video is amazon prime from the east. Its a streaming platform that enables subscribers to watch or download Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese shows. Its quick, affordable and easy to access through website and mobile apps.

9. Mx Player

Mx player is an Indian video streaming app that mainly streams Asian content. After Kdramas started gaining popularity in the Indian subcontinent Mx player set upon streaming Korean shows on its platforms. It’s one of the best websites to watch Korean Drama for free.

10. Snaptube

Another free-to-watch application is Snaptube. Originally Snaptube was a video downloading app but with recent updates of Snaptube now allows its users to stream Korean shows for free.

Because of the popularity of the Kdramas among the viewers, there below are some of the kdrama websites that are available for the viewers or the audience who wants to watch Kdramas.

Drama Fever, Asian crush, Viki, telegram, etc. are some of the websites that are free to stream for the viewers or free websites to watch Korean drama and the fans across the globe. You can watch kdrama free on these websites. Some of the websites also offer the facility to download Kdrama and watch it later. Because of this facility or feature, viewers can download the Korean shows and can watch them later without being worry about the advertisements that come between the shows streaming online.

Why watch Kdrama online?

The Korean shows that are popularly famous among the viewers as kdramas. So, what the viewers crave in any show is rich content. Kdramas offer rich content to the audience. Because of the commendable performance of the characters in the show, viewers cannot resist watching it online. And because some of the websites also offer to stream it for free. This gives an added advantage to the viewers to watch their favorite Kdramas for free without taking a subscription to any website. The audience can watch kdrama online eng sub version also.

These Kdramas, not only rich drama, action, or, comedy or we can say rich content but they also help to develop or establish a connection between the viewers and the show. The audience will not only watch the show or the Kdramas but will also understand the scenario and will eventually connect with those characters. They will easily relate to the situation of the characters and will try to relate it with their life as well. The acting of the characters in the Kdramas is very natural which automatically attracts the viewers and this develops the connection between them.

The following are some of the reasons because of which you should watch Kdramas

  • Rich content is present
  • Offer insightful commentary
  • Available for free
  • English sub(subtitles) are available
  • English dub(dubbed) version is also available for many shows.

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