Top 10 most Deadliest Wars In Human History


War has been on this planet, killing several human beings all through the history of mankind, since the evolution of humankind. Whatever may be the reason, whether for conquering or independence, or for claiming resources, or for any other reason; war in the human history has caused lot of deaths for mankind on this planet.

Now, let us delve into the list of the top 10 most deadliest wars in the Human history. The list is ranked based on the death toll, from highest to the least.

  1. World War II
World War II

Period – 1939 to 1945

Location – Worldwide

Deaths – 60 million to 85 million

The war was fought between Axis countries and Ally countries. Axis countries are Germany, Japan, and Italy. The Ally countries mainly include United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, China, France, Thailand, Poland, Canada, Australia, Yugoslavia, Greece, India, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Philippines and Mongolia.

  1. Mongol Conquest
Mongol Conquest

Period – 1206 to 1324

Location – Eurasia

Deaths – 40 million to 70 million

The war was the result of the Mongolian empire invading and conquering most of the Asian and Easter European countries. It is considered by many historians as the most deadliest conflict in human history.

  1. Three Kingdoms War
Three Kingdoms War

Period – 184 to 280

Location – China

Deaths – 36 million to 40 million

Members – Wei, Shu and Wu states

  1. Second Sino-Japanese War
Second Sino-Japanese War

Period – 1937 to 1945

Location – China

Deaths – 25 million

Members – Republic of China and the Empire of Japan

  1. Qing Dynasty conquest of Ming Dynasty
Qing Dynasty conquest of Ming Dynasty

Period – 1616 to 1662

Location – China

Deaths – 25 million

Members – Qing dynasty and Ming dynasty

  1. Taiping Rebellion (Taiping Civil War)
Taiping Rebellion

Period – 1850 to 1864

Location – China

Deaths – 20 million to 100 million

Members – Qing dynasty and the Heavenly Kingdom of Peace, a Christian millenarian movement

  1. World War I
World War 1

Period – 1914 to 1918

Location – Worldwide

Deaths – 20 million

Members – Axis and Allies

  1. An Lushan Rebellion
An Lushan Rebellion

Period – 755 to 763

Location – China

Deaths – 13 million to 36 million

Members – An Lushan and the Tang Dynasty

  1. Conquest of the Americas
Conquest of the Americas

Period – 1492 to 1691

Location – Americas

Deaths – 8.4 million to 137.75 million

Members – European colonization of the Americas

  1. Dungan Revolt
Dungan Revolt

Period – 1862 to 1877

Location – China

Deaths – 8 million to 20.77 million

Members – An ethnic and religious war

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