Top 10 Most Popular Hotels at Dharamshala

Top 10 Most Popular Hotels at Dharamshala

Every time you head towards planning a trip to Dharmshala, one thing that might trouble you is your stay. To get you rid of this concern here we are with the list of Top 10 most popular hotels at Dharamshala. All these hotels will not impact your pockets adversely.

  1. The Pavilion

The Pavilion

At this hotel the luxury perfectly blends with the classiness. It offers you the breath-taking view of Dhauladhar Range and also you can have a glance at Kangra Valley from the windows of your room. The hotel rooms are really very cozy.

  1. The Divine Hima

The Divine Hima

It is one of the best classy boutique hotel that finds a peaceful location at Dharamshala where you will be able to find a fire place inside every hotel room. This not only offers good ambience but also good food. The rooms in te hotel are beautifully designed.

  1. Welcome Heritage Grace Hotel

Welcome Heritage Grace Hotel

Here at this hotel you can enjoy the breath taking heritage property. You are provided all the facilities and service which are literally off the mark. All the rooms are beautifully decorated. The hotel rooms rae well kept.

  1. The Quartz

The Quartz

This will surely prove to be a best place for you to spend your holidays. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. Along with this, you are given the best room service. Rooms in the hotel are well maintained.

  1. Hotel Inclover

Hotel Inclover

Having a superb location there is not much that you can expect from this hotel. Ample parking space along with the spacious rooms is enough to justify the worth of a hotel. Tidiness in the hotel is worth appreciating.

  1. Hotel Shivani International

Hotel Shivani International

Rejuvenate yourself in this hotel that has a really lively ambience to offer to you with the most comfortable bedding that you can find anywhere. The lighting in the rooms is also fabulous.

  1. Hotel Nature View

You can enjoy your refreshing stay here in this hotel that offers tremendous view and the scenic beauty right from its room windows. You can spend peaceful moments in the room.

  1. Hotel Pong View

Hotel Pong View

Enjoy your magical stay that is nuzzled in the laps of nature. This one has a perfect lawn where you can stroll and enjoy the perfect view that is picturesque.. the rooms rae also very well planned and decorated.

  1. Hotel Bhagsu View

Hotel Bhagsu View

It is ideally an HPTDC Property. This is one of the best property that you can stay in if you book it on time. Otherwise, this hotel runs out of rooms very quickly.

  1. Hotel The Destination

Hotel The Destination

This one is a beautiful and a very charming budget hotel that provides all the services that a luxury hotel does with a minor difference here and there. All the rooms have a big window.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Most Popular Hotels At Dharamshala which will let you enjoy your stay. In addition to this, these are not likely to put any adverse impact on your pockets.

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