Top 10 Must Explore Treks in Dharamshala

Top 10 Must Explore Treks in Dharamshala

Mountains there are and mountains call for trekking, this is what perfectly defines Dharamshala. The charm of the very beautiful Dhauladhar Range leaves everyone mesmerized. In such a case if you plan to go to Dharamshala and come back without trekking then this trip of yours is ideally not justified. Here we are with a list of top 10 must explore treks in Dharamshala. If you can, cover all of these; if not then target at least one.  Here is a list of soothing trek in the hill station that will give you an end result that you will not regret.

  1. Triund Trekking

This is a place that is actually by the fascinating Dhauladhar Range and adores the enchanting beauty of Dharamshala. It  is one of the most soothing trek in the nation that you must not leave.

  1. Kareri Lake Trek

Begin this trek and you will come across all the orts of spiritual ouch and adventure. This is one of the most famous trek in the city that has a lot of meadows to cover and a perfect soothing air to offer.

  1. Laka Glacier Trekking

This trek is sure to offer you the scenic beauty as well as the most adventurous nature that you can ever expect on a trek. The view that you get from here is sure to mesmerize you.

  1. Bir – Billing

This is one of the trekking sites that has not gained much popularity but is worth it. There is a lot of scenic beauty that you get to experience while you are on this trek.

  1. Trek to Guna Devi

Trek to Guna Devi from Mcleodgani is sure to offer you the best experience that you have ever had. On the way you will get to explore beautiful sights and landscape that will leave you awe struck.

  1. Bhagsu trek

This one is the most easy trek that you will ever get to go on yet filled with joy and enjoyment. You can begin from Mcleodganj and arrive at Bhagsu which is a distance of just 12 km. as an end result you get to see the beautiful waterfall.

  1. Nature and Village Hiking

You get o experience all the thrill and fun with all the exciting trekking expedition that you may undertake to Dharamshala and then soak in the natural beauty of this area.

  1. Snow Line Trek

Here on this trek you will get to experience the scenic beauty of the area that ypu might not ahe experienced ever before.

  1. Bara Bhangal Trekking

This is also popular by the name of as the Shepherd’s trail. On this trek you also get to explore the Kalihani and the Thamsar passes.

  1. Adventurous Fly Camp

Here the paragliding world cup takes place and this is enough to justify the worth of this trek.

All in all, these are the top 10 must explore treks in Dharamshala. Each one of these is sure to leave you with memorable moments that you can cherish lifelong. Also, all of them are worth a shot at least once if not more. If we have left your favourite trek out of our list, you may drop us a comment.

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