Top 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Top 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

If you are planning your honeymoon trip then you need to be very particular about the destination you choose. There are a lot of places that are known to be honeymooner friendly. You can opt for booking honeymoon package to the place that sits your requirement as well as budget. In this article we are going to discuss about the top 10 most romantic honeymoon destinations.

1. Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands offer you an opportunity to sunbathe with the love of your life on the beautiful beaches. There are umpteen dark-leaved jungles that you can explore with your partner. Also, you will get to experience sitting idle and having good food at some of the exotic places. You must not miss out on playing water sports.

2. Greece

This one is actually the white and blue destination that you can explore with your partner. You get to experience the clear waters in addition to the sandy beaches as well as the romantic resorts. The climate of the place always remains pleasant so you need not worry about that either.

3. Seychelles

Seychelles  offers you one of the most romantic honeymoon experiences on the sandy beaches. Not only is it rich but also an exotic and secluded place that most  of the honeymooners look for. Walking hand in hand around the virgin rainforests and playing water sports are some things that you must not miss out on.

4. Kenya

This is a perfect honeymoon destination for the adventure lovers. It offers you the glimpses of vibrant wildlife and you can obviously enjoy the wildlife walking around you. The climate remains more or less pleasant so you can visit the place anytime but migratory seasons remain the best period to visit the place.

5. Morocco

Morocco is the place  that offers you an opportunity to stroll around on the white sandy beaches of Atlantic. The blue waters as well as the Mediterranean cliffs are tempting enough to attract you. Sleeping in the lodge right under the stars filled sky is one of the romantic things that you cannot miss.

6. France

The romantic evening in France will give you the picture perfect backdrop at Eiffel Tower as well. France is known as the city of lights and thus has the potential to make your honeymoon all the more charming and enjoyable. Here you get to enjoy the pristine beauty as well as tranquillity of the place with your partner.

7. Turkey

Turkey offers honeymooners the vibrant nightlife in addition to the wonderful resorts as well as the scenic beauties. The charismatic harbors will add to the level of your excitement. One thing that you cannot miss out on is the hot air balloon ride as well as a couple spa across the exotic destinations. You can also dine in the caves.

8. Mauritius & Reunion Island

Mauritius and Reunion Island offer you a plenty of couple activities to do. You can go in for dolphin as well as whale watching. There are umpteen exotic places for going on a romantic date to a private island and the cruise. You must hire an underwater sub scooter for sure to have a thrilling experience.

9. South Africa

There are a plenty of beaches as well as national parks to stroll around. Other than that there is this challenging shark cage diving. This is one place that has a lot to offer to you.

10. Dubai

Dubai is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations. There is a lot to look around other than the activities that you can indulge in. you  can not only enjoy the desert safari  but at the same time also enjoy dune bashing and belly dance performance. Arabian cuisine as well as tea is one thing that you cannot miss.

All in all, these are the top 10 most romantic honeymoon destinations. You can choose from among any of these destinations as per you choice and preferences. All these places have something unique to offer to you.

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