Top 10 Technology Trends for 2016

In the current technological era, the evolution of new technologies every day is speeding up at a faster rate that we are seeing new and latest technological advancements in all the major fields that we are being dependant on. We are becoming increasingly connected to technological devices, with other people and a lot variety of other things with every passing day. As the technological advancements are coming up, there is a lot need for the support of architecture and platforms that assist these technology trends.

For 24 hours in a day, we are dependent on a lot of technological devices that assist in our daily routine doing a variety of things for our needs.

Let us delve into the latest technology trends that we are going to experience in this year 2016.

1.Device Mesh 

The devices that we are going to interact with for assisting in our daily needs are going to see new developments in this field. Especially, in virtual reality, and in wearables and augmented reality we are going to see a significant development.

2.Ambient user experience

We will be constantly synchronized into a digital experience that actually safeguards our experiences all through the traditional devices, space and time. The things that will be synchronized include all of our digital interactions that we need to be observing. This experience offers real time contextual information that assists us in our travel from one place to another.

3.3D Printing materials

This another such technology trend that is going to show us a new and advanced faces of printing concept. Materials such as advanced nickel alloys, carbon fiber, glass, conductive ink, electronics, pharmaceuticals and biological materials will be used for practical applications and applied in the all the major fields like aerospace, medical, automotive, energy and the military.s

4.Information of everything

We are continually facing lots of information to be found and processed in order to produce an output. Companies need to find out which information it is that they need for a particular action and proceed further in processing it.

5.Advanced Machine Learning

This is the concept where in the smart machines that are going to evolve will be able to change their behaviour accordingly with the new learning’s that they seek and develop every time. The concept is that the smart machines will become intelligent in understanding the concepts in the environment and learn new things constantly.

6.Autonomous Agents and Things

These autonomous agents and things are next big thing, that we are going to interact with in the future and they form the basis in accessing and inputting the data from the storage. Instead of interacting with menus, forms and buttons, we use these agents as the main user interface.

7.Adaptive Security Architecture

As the technology development is progressing, the security system that prevents stealing and unsecured access of data is also necessary.

8.Advanced System Architecture

The intense and severe computing requirements will arise with new technological advancements which can be met only through heavy and advanced architecture. These ultra efficient architectures can only make true these smart machines and other technological advancements.

9.Mesh App and Service Architecture

This facilitates in providing a continuous digital experience through a flexible architecture of many devices, apps and services,

10.Internet of Things Architecture and Platforms

This architecture makes viable and true the efficiency and work of the internet of things and other devices by synchronizing their feed and activities into the source point.

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