Top 10 Greatest Unsolved Science Mysteries

Top 10 unsolved science mysteries

Well, it is not at all true, if you think that scientists mess up their minds finding truths about our life, the reality of our evolution and whether the change in climate is happening faster than expected due to other than natural phenomenon. No, they do not! It does not at all mean that they know everything about the universe and the existence of all the matter that it is made up of. What they want is answers to the unsolved science mysteries that question the existence of something.

Physicist Brian Cox once said: “I’m comfortable with the unknown—that’s the point of science. There are places out there, billions of places out there, that we know nothing about. And the fact that we know nothing about them excites me, and I want to go out and find out about them. And that’s what science is. So I think if you’re not comfortable with the unknown, then it’s difficult to be a scientist… I don’t need an answer. I don’t need answers to everything. I want to have answers to find.”

Let us look into the top 10 unsolved science mysteries that are keeping our scientists busy:

  1. Matter more than antimatter

The current understanding of particle physics says that matter and antimatter in the universe should be equal in existence but are opposite in nature. This means that when they meet together they should destroy one another leaving nothing behind. However, the reality seems to be different with matter existing in the universe is more than antimatter.

  1. Absence of all the lithium

When the temperatures were absolutely at high in the early universe, the isotopes of hydrogen, lithium and helium were all in abundance, But now, although hydrogen and helium are making up almost all of the universe, the absence of hydrogen in the universe is unclear to the scientists whether the current technology is unable to discover it.

  1. Why do we sleep

We know that humans spend a third of their time, all sleeping. But, we don’t know why do we follow this circadian clock of sleep and wake cycle.

  1. The question on gravity

Scientists until now are still in doubt about, how the gravity actually works, by sticking us and other objects to the surface of the earth. If the moon’s gravity causes tides, earth’s gravity keeps us to the surface, and the gravity of sun keeps the planets in orbit, scientists are unable to understand whether the gravity is a particle, and how it actually works.

  1. Where is everyone

This is called as Fermi Paradox, whether earth is the only planet with life, or still there is any other in the billions of galaxies with lots of planets and stars.

  1. Dark Matter

Almost 80% of all the matter in the universe is dark matter itself, which does not emit any light and stays dark always. Scientists are still unable to find out what exactly is this dark matter made up of, and there are only theories about that suggest some particles.

  1. Evolution of life

What did bring life onto this earth, what are the reasons for the evolution of life on this earth? There are only various models explaining about the formation of life on this earth. But, until now, there is no proper practically proven model of explaining why there is life on earth.

  1. Plate Tectonics

This might be surprising for you. But, it is actually true that the continental plates beneath the earth are forever moving, and are the reasons for rearranging continents, causing earthquakes, forming mountains and volcanic eruptions. But, the reason is still unanswered.

  1. Animals migration

The changing seasons and other climatic conditions cause many animals and insects to move from one place to another for every period of time. But, how do they know where to go, and how do they find out the path, is not answered until now.

  1. Dark energy

The most enigmatic of all mysteries is the dark energy. Scientists have still not yet been able to answer what is the dark energy and how is it the cause of the expansion of the universe.

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