Most Popular International New Year’s Cake Ideas

Most Popular International New Year's Cake Ideas

Cutting a cake has become a part and parcel of our lives these days. There is not even a single occasion when we can claim the event to be complete without having cut a cake. On every occasion we have definitive cake ideas that significantly relate to the event for which the cake is being cut. Now because it is new year 2019 that is approaching, we cannot ignore the cake cutting ceremony to mark the beginning of this new year. Similarly, we cannot even have a simple cake ordered. To make the occasion a special one and worth remembering it is important that we come up with brilliant new year cake ideas. Here we are with the most popular international New Year’s Cake ideas for you.

Most Popular International New Year’s Cake Ideas

Having studied the New Year traditions that re followed across the globe we have tried to take an inspiration from some of the most symbolic conventions and come out with the most creative cake ideas. These cake ideas if emulated will have a significance to add to your new year’s party that will be loved by all. So before ordering the cake for this big occasion, it is important that you consider the following stunning cake ideas.

1. Hogmanay cake at Scotland

The new year holidays in this nation are known as Hogmanay. There is a popular tradition in this country that is termed as First Footing. It is basically practiced on the eve of New Year. This tradition ideally revolves around a person who is first to step across the threshold of your house after midnight and the colour of their hair. If the colour of the hair of that person is dark hair then it is good luck and in vase it is fair hair then a piece of coal is required. The best way to adorn the Hogmanay cake is with the help of fondant or gum paste sculpted feet. Other decorative ideas are the shoes and the dark-haired heads or say a piped doorway. There are a plenty of options that you can avail.

2. Polar bear plunge cake at Canada

Here in this nation there is a little hard to perform rituals or traditions on New Year. This tradition is termed as polar bear plunge. According to the tradition people are required to splash into the extremely frigid and at times the frozen lake or day any body of water with an intention of celebrating the changing of the year. Keeping this tradition in mind, the Canadian cakes or say the cupcakes can rightfully feature the blue fondant figures on the gum paste ice cubes in the swim suits. As an alternative you can also embellish the cake by giving it a covering of an icy lake having chocolate hole dug into it. also, the best way to decorate the cake is to have polar bears along with the champagne glasses on top of it.

3. Times Square ball at USA

Almost all of us are aware about the new year tradition of USA. Here you begin the New Year by dropping the ball into the Times Square. There are a plenty of movies also where you can witness this iconic scene. This gives a perfect cake decoration idea. You can have balls on the cake that mimic the Times Square ball that can be placed on the top of your cupcakes. With the help of the glitter you can give these a shiny appearance that will perfectly emulate the original one.

4. Crown cake at France

The feast termed as Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre is the way of celebrating the new year by French. The celebrations as well as the festivities of the same are known to last until January 6. In France, there is a popular cake idea where the cake contains a china character. The one who is able to figure out this china figurine in comparatively less time is proclaimed as the king or queen and this is the person who gets to wear the crown. Thus the best idea to decorate the NEW Year cake is placing a figure of the crown on the top of the cake, these can be the figures that are made up of fondant or gum paste.

5. Clock faced cake at United Kingdom

On of the things that play a crucial role on New Year’s Eve at United Kingdom is the Clock. It marks the transition of the old year to a new one. Obviously if we are talking about the Clock then the most popular one is the clock in the tower that is there at the Palace of Westminster. Most of us popularly known it as the, “Big Ben.” The year is basically counted down on this huge clock. Thus, it indicates a perfect cake decorating idea. You can simply decorate the cakes as well as the cupcakes by replicating this clock. You can basically replicate the clock’s face on your cake. The needles can be kept glittering so as to make it look more attractive.

6. Grape cake at Mexico

In Mexico people follow a tradition on the new year’s eve where they eat grapes in for every chime of the midnight. This they do while they countdown to the New Year that is approaching. On each and every grape that they consume they make a wish. This indicates that grapes can acts as the perfect decorative for the New Year cakes having significance. You can simply place the bunch of sugar caned grapes on the top of the cake. As an alternative, it is also a good idea to give the cake the shape of a brunch of grapes.

All in all, these are the most popular international New Year’s Cake ideas for you that you can take an inspiration from. These are all very creative ideas and easy to emulate. If you have more cake ideas in store you can share the same with us in the comment section below.

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