Top 10 Easy DIY Handmade Rakhi Ideas For Kids

Top 10 Easy DIY Handmade Rakhi Ideas For Kids

The festival of Rakhi is soon arriving, and plenty of rakhi types are now available in the market. However, you can make a rakhi and home. Here are Top 10 Easy DIY Handmade Rakhi Ideas For Kids:

1. Vehicle Shaped Rakhi

One of the simplest ways to make a rakhi at home that toddlers can try is with a puffy sticker set. You just need some ribbons in different colors. You need to stick the image of the favorite vehicle of your brother on the ribbon and you are done.

2. Lord Ganesha Rakhi

All you need is an old wedding invitation from a known. From the wedding card you need to cut the image of Lord Ganesha and stick it ion some silver or golden paper and under the paper attach a thread.


3. Foam Based Rakhi

To make this type of a rakhi you need craft foam in multiple colors. Ask your child to cut these foam into similar shapes. They can choose the shape of a spider man or some cartoon. Now you need to stick these foams together and attach it to a thread.

4. Paste Card Rakhi

You need some paste cards in multiple colors. Ask your kid to cut these paste cards into a common shape, the way you did it for the foam rakhi. Now you need to stick these paste paper together and attach a thread to it.

5. Alphabet Rakhi

In this case, you need your child to cut out alphabets having the same font and similar font size from some newspaper or an old reading book. These alphabets that you need to choose should make the name of your brother. Now you need to paste these alphabets on a hard board and stick a thread to it.

6. Lego Style Rakhi

Lego is one thing that is popular worldwide among children, so finding one at home might not be a problem. You just need to get holes drilled in the lego part and then tie a thread to it.

7. Button Rakhi

There must be some spare buttons at your home. You just need to ask your kid to thread these together on a hard board and create a smiling face. Tie a thread to the board, and you are done.

8. Knit Rakhi

You can make a rakhi using a knit fabric as well. It is safe and also comfortable for your kid to play with a knit fabric to make a rakhi.

9. Cartoon Rakhi

Find a comic and cut out the face of a cartoon from it and paste it on a semi-hard board. Cut the board and paste a thread to it.

10. Thread Rakhi

All you need is an array of threads in multiple colors. Simply ask your kid to make a braid of these colors and you are done.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Easy DIY Handmade Rakhi Ideas For Kids. these ideas revolve around the commonly available raw material at home.

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