Top 10 Most Effective Tips to Get Rid of Holi Colours

Top 10 Most Effective Tips to Get Rid of Holi Colours

Vibrant colours and splashing water completes the holi rituals and this is one reason that we eagerly wait for the festival. On one hand while you enjoying throwing colours and water on others you also a reaction the same way which is quite enjoyable but on the other hand one thing that we cannot ignore is the harm and damage that we do to our skin and hair this way. Here we are going to discuss the top 10 most effective tips to get rid of holi colours.

Top 10 Most Effective Tips to Get Rid of Holi Colours

It is not always the fact that the holi party we are going to attend has organic colours as one of the ingredients. Neither is it possible to carry your own organic colours unless you are no the host. So, the only thing that is there in our hand is taking precautions.  Also, you need not panic post party if you are unable to get rid of these stick colours. The below mentioned tips are going to be useful for you in umpteen ways.

  1. Apply Castor or Olive oil

You must apply castor oil or say olive oil to your hair before you step out to play colours. Oil forms a protective layer on your hair. This ensures that when you wash your hair, the colour easily comes off. In case you do not have the above options available then you can also apply coconut oil or almond oil  as these are also perfect alternatives.

  1. Apply egg yolk or curd

There is no need to immediately shampoo your hair after Holi. You can first apply the egg yolk or curd on hair and let it rest for at least 45 minutes prior to shampooing. This will easily take off the colours and at the same time reduce the extent of any damage that might have taken place.

  1. Apply mustard oil

It is suggested that you massage your hair with the mustard oil prior to going out to play with the colours. Even after you wash your hair after holi ensure applying mustard oil on your hair so that the remaining colour also gets removed easily. It also helps to lessen the damage that colours might have caused to your hair and skin.

  1. Apply coconut milk

Applying coconut milk helps to repair some of the damage that holi colour has caused. Also, it helps to get rid of the holi colours after you end up playing holi.

  1. Apply moisturizer

Prior to heading out to play holi, it is important that you cover as much body as you can. The parts of your body that still remain exposed to the colours ought to be covered with the layer of sunscreen lotion as well as moisturizer.

  1. Apply dark nail paint

Apply as much dark coloured nail paint as possible. Doing this, will be of great help at protecting your nails against getting stained. Once you are back from the party, you can remove it with the help of a nail paint remover.

  1. Apply foundation to your face

Applying foundation can be of great help at protecting your skin against the dry colours. Make it a  point that you apply it thoroughly on your face.

  1. Apply Vaseline on lips and ears

Apply Vaseline to your lips before you head out to play. This will add the required moisture and care to your lips. It will also prevent colours from settling in the cracks of your lips.

  1. Apply sunscreen thoroughly

It is most important that you wear sunscreen prior to heading out to the playground. Your body is going to be exposed not only to the holi colours but also the sun.

  1. Apply face mask

To wheat flour you need to add a small amount of oil or lemon. After preparing the paste out of it, you need to apply this on your skin and scrub off the holi colours in the most natural ways. You can do this immediately prior to taking a shower.

All in all, these are the top 10 most effective tips to get rid of holi colours. Ensure that you take the help of only cold water to get rid of  the colors. Hot water makes this task all the more cumbersome. Washing your face again and again will make it dry, so avoid doing this as well. Use a cotton dipped in coconut oil to clean the colours from your face as it is less harsh on your skin. Avoid taking help of beauty treatments like scrubbing etcetera to get rid of those holi colours. Use this hacks and see the difference that these make in protecting your skin.

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