Android Apps You Should Try This Week- Android Apps Weekly

Android Apps You Should Try This Week- Android Apps Weekly

App developers are on a roll; rolling out new and advanced apps on a daily basis to enhance our smartphone usage, to make it even better. The market is flooded with Android apps that will completely floor the users and the apps are so many that it becomes quite difficult to choose what we want. ‘Try and discard’ is one formula many use but it becomes tedious and data consuming to keep downloading apps from thousands of apps available and deleting what we do not want. Imagine the task when app developers are rolling out Android apps weekly.

We have made a list of 4 Android apps that you should try this week based on their usefulness and user-friendliness. Go ahead, leave the boring and move on to these newly-launched apps from the current month.

1. RememBear

One of the best and tested password manager apps that is strongly recommended for beginners, RememBear, is surely a ‘should’ try Android app for the week. The RememBear app comes from the developers of the TunnelBear VPN and comes with a Bear themed whimsy and a clean user interface.

The app comes with every security feature that is needed to protect your smartphone, like password generator, third party audit for added security, fingerprints recognition, auto-login features and many more.

2. Lean Launcher

A new launcher that combines simplicity with technology, Lean Launcher is the app that you should try this week. The app is a newly launched launcher which has simple design without much fanfare and some awesome features and technology that are modern, yet, easy to use.

The features of the app include dynamic icons, Google Now, app shortcuts, notification dots support and much more. The app offers easy customization and also, prevents any accidental changes by locking the home screen. Added bonus is its simplicity and it is completely free of charge with no-added in-app purchases.

3. Stories

An app that is designed as a journal where you could record what you have been doing, feeling and such throughout a day, Stories is a ‘should try app’ on our list. Upon entries being made, the app auto-organizes them all for future recall.
One can also add time, weather, date, location, people and activities to their entries as the app integrates them all. Also, the app is designed with security to protect your entries from outsiders and has fingerprint recognition feature.

4. Lift Storage

For all the workout freaks out there, here is an app that is designed especially for you. Without being tedious to operate and workout videos, Lift Storage is more like a workout planning and schedule guide. It helps you plan, store, schedule your own workouts, either at home or a gym.

The app provides you with challenges, depending on your schedules and workout routines that will be an alias in your health journey. For anyone looking for a simple, budget-friendly and easy to understand and use health app, Lift Storage is a must try.

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