Best Antivirus Apps and Best Anti-Malware Apps for Android

Best Antivirus Apps and Best Anti-Malware Apps for Android

The malware and viruses are one of the topics that always raise blisters that relate to Android, is that these malicious code programs are present in our daily lives, but do we really be afraid? Is Android App as vulnerable as it sometimes seems when we read certain articles? For me, the answer is clear: neither have to be afraid, nor Android is so vulnerable. It’s just about being careful and a lot of common sense.

And to help us, we can have an antivirus on our device, something useful, but not really essential if we have the necessary care. However, here is a list of the Best Antivirus android apps for this purpose:

1. Norton Security Antivirus:

Norton is, without a doubt, a brand of confidence in security. We have a free version (with some peripheral protection, such as scanning of the SD card), as well as a subscription of $ 29.99 per year (with all features, including phone lock through SMS in case of loss or theft, not available in its free version).

2. BitDefender Antivirus Free:

Another application completely free based on simplicity: it only performs one action (and not a series of complete actions, like others of the apps that we discuss do), which is nothing other than a scan of the device to verify that it is safe. It can be launched both manually and automatically.

3. Mobile Security and Antivirus by Avast:

Also known for PC, it is one of the best-rated. It includes a pack with features, including antivirus and standard antimalware. It also includes a network monitor, SMS and call filtering, as well as backup copies. It has a free and premium version ($ 1.99 per month, $ 14.99 per year). Some of the differences with the premium version are that the backup includes music, video and applications.

4. Armor for Android:

It is as much one of the most valued, as one of the most expensive. Despite going on the market with a price of one dollar, now it costs about 75, with support for life. It is a good app, but maybe too expensive. Among its features, it brings everything we can expect from one of these applications, including one of thecomplete malware databases, as well as other useful features such as memory boosting. Note: Currently you can find a reduction in the price reaching up to about 29.95 dollars, much more reasonable.

5. Mobile Security and Antivirus by ESET

Next, we have the ESET antivirus. Like many others, it is known for its PC antivirus (Nod32). It also follows the freemium paradigm, so we will have the app for free, but we can pay for additional features. The interface is very friendly and, apart from the typical, you have access to the ESET Live Grid which offers great updates on malware and anti-theft threats. In addition, in its paid version, it includes features such as Sim Guard, where we can control the phone even if another SIM is introduced. The paid version costs 15.97 dollars a year.

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