Top 10 Best Taxi Apps For Android Users Around The Cities


Travelling breaks the monotony of life. Be it within the city or across the states, travelling is required. Sometimes you need to go to work or sometimes on an outing. One thing that remains common is the mode of transportation. It is not always convenient to use public transport though it is a good choice sometimes. Therefore, you need to keep certain apps that help you to book cabs. Whenever you need to book a cab you can refer to the top 10 best taxi apps for android users.

Here is a list of top 10 best taxi apps for android users:

1.Ola Cabs

 best -taxi-apps

It is an international brand. Obviously it is one of the best taxi apps for android users. Over the time period, it has become popular among the android users. It is one of the best taxi apps for android users. This taxi service has gained a strong foothold in the market with the adaptation of the mobile apps method. From a small car to Sedan, users get to ride different cars.

2.Uber Cabs


One of the best taxi apps for android users, it is also an international brand. There are different modes of payment that you can use. Drivers are ideally well mannered and well behaved. Booking criteria is very easy. Fare are competitive and become pocket friendly with different schemes that it offers. Customer queries are not only professional but also helpful and useful.

3.Easy Cabs

Easy Cabs

This taxi service became available from 2000. At present it has a regular customer base as it is considered one of the best taxi apps for android users.. It operates in all the major cities of India. These include Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad. The fare is comparatively more as compared to Ola and Uber cabs. However, it has a strong, loyal regular customer base. The fleet of over 6000 cars is readily available.

4.Star City Taxi

Star City Taxi

Having an excellent track record of operations, it is a GPS enabled service. It operates exclusively in the IT city of Bangalore in India. The service became available since 1998. It backs a loyal customer base. This is so because they offer reliability. Another reason is the length of time they have been around providing services to their customers.  They have a variety of cars from standard to premium. The tariffs are also reasonable.

5.Tab Cab


This cab service is extensively a  Mumbai leading company. This is locally used on a wide scale. It is widely used by the corporate offices. The tariffs are reasonable. It also has an excellent tie up with the local corporate for corporate travelers. Tab Cab is known to operate in a niche segment. It has a good reputation for having a loyal customer base.

6.Mega Cabs


There are  one of the earliest entrants into the radio taxi service. It has bagged the place in the list of best taxi apps for android users since very back. The app is well known for multiple city operations and is a very efficient radio taxi service. These cabs operates in the Northern Indian cities of Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar. In east it works in Kolkata and runs in  Bengaluru in south India. The staff offers safety and is highly well-trained. Mega Cab has a large and loyal customer base. The reason is its superior and timely services to clients. It operates in the highly industrialized hub of Punjab and Delhi. Here the users are aware about the comfort that the cab service provides. Moreover, safety takes priority over everything else.

7.Wings Radio Cabs


It is a Pune based company that is currently operating in various segments. The segment ranges from city travel, corporate travelers to the nearby industrial hubs. It also offers car pooling services within Pune city.  It is one of the niche player in the market.

8.City Cool Cab


This one is another niche player that  operates from Mumbai in the list of best taxi apps for android users. This is one of the earliest cab services in the niche ‘cool cab” services known for pooled car service. It focuses on corporate travelers from the nearby industrial hubs of Pune to the  outskirts of Mumbai. In Mumbai, City Cool Cab is the most used brand. It has a variety of cars in its fleet.

9.Taxi For Sure


One of the best taxi apps for android users, it is a multi-city radio taxi service. It operates with web based booking and app booking. This brand is also a niche operator having a good customer base.  It operates in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. It has an excellent base of clients. These clients primarily belong to the corporate sectors.

10.Meru Cabs


It makes its presence eminent all over the cities with over 6000 cabs on the list of best taxi apps for android users. It is one of the large scale Indian Radio Taxi providers. these are however a little expensive as compared to the other cab services. the cabs can be booked on hourly basis. You can use the helpline number of radio taxi. There is booking charges if you do the same  through phone. It provides a good service with appropriately behaved staff. You can pay the driver in cash. You can also use your credit card.

Next time you need to commute, then there is no need for you to use s public transport or bargain with auto rickshaw drivers. You simply need to unlock your android phone, press on the taxi app and simply book it. If you still do not posses the taxi app then it is a high time for ignorance. Visit your play store now and from the list of top 10 best taxi services for android users, choose a brand and download the app. The choice for the name you choose should also focus on the city that you mostly travel.

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