Holi 2019: Festival of Fun, Laughter and Joy with Splash of Color

Holi 2018 Festival of fun, laughter and joy with splash of color

Holi, known as festival of colors, is celebrated throughout India with great pomp and show every year during the month of Feb-march. As per Hindu beliefs it is celebrated on full moon day falling in the month of Phalguna, a Hindu month. It is an ancient Hindu festival which celebrates the victory of the good over the evil. People from all parts of the society come together to celebrate this festival forgetting any enmities, if any, which further adds to the fun, joy and excitement to its celebrations. Holi marks the beginning of summers. It is celebrated with colors, also known as ‘gulal’, a colored powder which people apply to one another on their cheeks. Some people mix gulal with water also.

Holi colors traditionally were made from flowers of different colors, which was organic in nature and it has no side effects on Human Skin. However lately people have started using harsh colors made from chemicals. Such colors turns out very harsh on skin itself and causes irritation and skin problems. Thus such colors should be completely avoided and organic colors made from flowers, leaves etc should be again bought to use.

Holi is celebrated for two days. This year Holi is coming on 20th March, 2019. On the first day of Holi, also known as ‘Holika Dahan’ or ‘Chotti Holi’. People usually gather around bonfire and pray to Goddess for evil to be destroyed by good and good always triumphs over evil.

There is an ancient Hindu Mythological story related to the festival of Holi. Once there was a king Hiryanyakashipu in ancient India who was like a demon. He seeked revenge from Lord Vishnu for killing of his younger brother. In order to gain power, king Hiryanyakashipu, worshipped for years to seek powers and receive a boon from God. Later, when Hiryanyakashipu got powers, he stared considering himself as God and asking people to worship him. Prahalad, son of King Hiryanyakashipu was a big devotee of Lord Vishnu. Even after his father repeatedly denying him from working Lord Vishnu, His affection and respect for Lord Vishnu knew no bounds. King Hiryanyakashipu became so angry from his son that he decided to kill his own son, for not worshipping him instead worshipping Lord Vishnu. King Hiryanyakashipu asked his sister ‘Holika’, who was immune to fire to sit on the pyre of fire taking Prahalad in her lap as king planned to kill his own son. However to everyone’s surprise, Prahalad who was reciting Lord Vishnu name throughout was safe but Holika turned into ashes. Thus burning of Holika signifies burning of all evil that is bad and it signifies the victory of good over evil.

holi 2018

On the second day of Holi, i.e. on 21st March 2019 often Known as Dhuleti or rangwali Holi, People play with colors throwing colors or gulal on each other , singing and dancing all throughout the day . It is a festival of joy, excitement and merriment; people forget their old rivalries and come together to celebrate this colorful festival.

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