Top 5 Summer special Holi Beverages

Top 5 Summer special Holi Beverages

Holi is just around the corner and excitement is building up in every person. When you thing of Holi what strikes our mind firstly are the splash of colors and beverages, which anyone can’t do without. Holi come with the surprise packages of awesome beverages and color filled atmosphere which brings in a feeling of joyfulness and excitement everywhere. As Holi marks the beginning of summer, it th e time for cool drinks to arrive.

Holi party is never complete without melodious bollywood Holi classics, Lip Smacking beverages, cool beverages and punch of colors. Holi adds color and sparkle in our lives. Just like you must have created a playlist of Holi special songs in your smartphone, but have you thought about beverages that will add coolness to your Holi party. Here we come to your rescue with the list of beverage that you must include in your Holi party.

1) First and Foremost It has to be Thandai

It is the standard drink of Holi that you can alter by giving it different flavors’ as your guest may like. However basically it consists of curd churned along with dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, poppy seeds to name few. Adding flavors to simple thandai you can add Almonds or give it a twist of Guava to make fruity Guava thandai or to health conscious one you can add a handful of Soya to make it protein rich.


2) Cool Jaljeera

Nothing is as satisfying as cool and refreshing jaljeera on a hot summer day. It contains coolness of lemon mixed in ice cold water with punch of species , few mint leaves adding to its coolness .This is a drink made in heaven .It is must on Holi eve as it have hot summer days during that eve. And what makes it so popular is simplicity also it is very quick to make. The species burst in your mouth and lemons gives tangy flavor .It is an awesome drink.

Cool Jaljeera

3) Lassi

Lassi is an all time favorite beverage which is curd churned with little water and roasted jeera and grounded jeera, salt to make it namkeen lassi. Otherwise you have a sweet tooth you can replace salt with sugar and avoid jeera. These are the traditional one , however giving it an modern twist you can give it a flavor that you like the most be it fruity or a spicy one or with mint. You can always surprise your Holi guests with different flavors’.


4) Kesar Dhoodh

For milk lovers, you can surprise guests with this beverage by simply adding saffron with dry fruits, sugar and species like cardamom to your ice cold milk glass. This is an awesome and refreshing drink.

Kesar Dhoodh

5) Masala Dhoodh

We all Indians have special affection with our Masala box; we want to add it into everything we love to give it a twist of flavors’. It gives energy and gives coolness in hot and humid weather. It is power packed drink that gives you energy to play Holi all day long

Masala Dhoodh

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