Tips to Stay Healthy and Full During Navratri Fasts

Tips to Stay Healthy and Full During Navratri Fasts

Navaratri Festival 2019 is once again at the doors. People go in for Navaratri Celebrations in Different Ways in Different Parts of Country but one thing that remains the same is the pattern of fasting. Various festival news come up with the opinions of the experts to let you know how to go about keeping fasts and the type of diet that you must follow during navratri fasting. Here we are with the tips to stay healthy and full during navratri fasts.

Avoid skipping meals

Fasting is no case implies that you have to starve yourself. It is always a good idea to keep having small but at the same time frequent vrat meals the entire day. This helps you to maintain the blood sugar and at the same time will boost your metabolism. I you keep taking small bites as well as snacks in between the meals then it will keep you energized through out the day. You can keep having things like fruit chaat, baked sharkandi fries with sendha namak and black pepper. Also, a bowl of fresh water chestnuts along with coriander chutney as well as raw banana kebabs are really good options to get rid of the slump by keeping your energy levels extremely high at the same time.

Have a proper balanced diet

It is not only for people who are having a regular diet that they need to assure that they have a balanced diet. In case you are fasting ten it becomes even more important that you follow a balanced diet. It is necessary for your body to get all the required nutrients on which it runs. It is true that you really have limited options but still there I a lot that you can do. You can go in for all the healthier options and experiment with the same. It is not at all necessary for you to have the permanent fixture as your menu. You can go in for trying more wholesome as well as nutritious dishes. These include Chironji ki Dal, Arbi Kadhi, Makhane ki Sabzi and Jhatpat Palak.

Keep your body hydrated

While you are on a diet it become very important for you to stay hydrated. at the same time you need to keep in mind that you need to avoid drinking too much tea as well as coffee. This is so because these will only increase the dehydration level of your body and cause increase in your thirst. As an alternative to the same, you can have the healthier Navratri beverages. These options include fresh coconut water, fresh fruit juices, buttermilk or a glass of shikanji. I guess these are enough to experience the variety.

Have protein as a priority

Protein is actually an essential dietary component that you can in no case afford to miss out of your schedule. Another benefit is that it keeps you full for comparatively longer period of time preventing binge-eating. You get rid of the hunger pangs and the unnecessary cravings. During Navratri as you are on your fasts, you can only enjoy eating grains or lentils. However, you should not forget that you can get the desired good quality protein from sources other than these too. You can try having amaranth and prepare a savoury daliya with it plus other vegetables. Other options include cottage cheese or paneer, paneer tikki, Paneer Mazedaar etcetera.

Avoid having sugar

Due to the fact that you are not using the processed salt but are using the pure rock salt, you must also take a break from the refined sugar also. It is true that you are allowed to have sugar when you are on a diet but it will only be fruitful if you give your body a much desired break from the same as it is one of the chemically processed food items. Instead you can opt for jaggery or honey so as to satisfy the sweet cravings.

All in all, these are the tips to stay healthy and full during navratri fasts. All you need is to keep the nuts handy as the dry fruits plus nuts give you the nutritive as well as the energy boost. Rely on the fresh fruits and vegetables for a constant supply of vitamins as well as minerals and stay energized throughout the day.

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