Top 10 Best Ideas to Make Homemade Rakhis this Rakshabandhan

Top 10 Best Ideas to Make Homemade Rakhis this Rakshabandhan

We know that you are fond of this sweet bond that you share with you brother. To make him feel special there are a plethora of things that you can do on this festival of brother and sisiter. It is not only the gift that makes the other person happy but also the rakhi that you tie on their wrist. To let your brother rejoice wearing rakhi, go in for making it with you own hand. We are here to help you with the list of Top 10 best ideas to make homemade rakhis this Rakshabandhan. These are as follows:

  1. The vehicle shaped rakhi for little ones

If you can arrange the foam sticker set then you can easily make rakhi at home. You need Aeroplane in any colour you like in addition to the satin ribbon  preferably in red that you need to cut to  desired size. Also, you need felt circle sticker having an adhesive backing. Keep the black marker and red marker handy. Simply outline the aeroplane with help of the black marker and add red dots for windows on a yellow or a green aeroplane. Now stick this on the Felt circle using glue and stick it to the satin ribbon. It need not be an aeroplane only, if your little brother loves car or bikes or any other mode of transportation you can use the shape of the same.

  1. Make rakhi with an animal imprint

Kids are fond of animals both wild and pet and you may use the same concept to make the same. To make such rachis you need to have a sticker set where you have possibly all the animals or just the one you like. You need to stick the animal sticker on the Felt circle having adhesive backing. Now place it on satin ribbon and fix it there with the help of glue.

     3. Make  Wool Rakhi

You need wool of your favourite colours in addition to some some beads and a pair of scissors. simply twist the Red wool around the fingers and complete 20 rounds. Now slowly pull it out so that you can securely tie it at the center. Now you need to cut the ends of the bow followed by spreading and press it so as to form a flower pom pom. You have an option to tie a wooden bead at the center in addition to another strand behind it so as to make the Rakhi.

  1. Make Zari Motif rakhis

You need to visit the tailoring supply shops and get the zari motifs that you like. These are available easily in the market supported by the fabric backing so that you can easily stick as well as stitch these onto the lace or say the gold thread and the rakhi is ready.

  1. Make felt rakhis

You need to get together the felt of any colour you like, the satin ribbon and another felt to place below it that is ideally of different colour. Now you need to securely tie them in using fabric glue and the rakhi is ready.

  1. Make a Photo Rakhi

You can get the negative developed in the size of a passport photograph. To make it even more compact you may cut it into the shape of the figure. Next you need to make use of the glue so as to stick it to the satin ribbon once you have made the lower surface strong and firm by sicking the picture to a card board.

  1. Make a flower rakhi

On a felt you simply need to cut the shape of a flower and then colour is with the colour of your choice. This is the easirest taing that you can do yet the result is beautiful.

  1. Make a button rakhi

Rakhis with buttons are a common sight these days in the market. However, it is not a difficult task to make these. All that you need is felt and buttons. You can simply make this type of a rakhi by threading the two components together.

  1. Make a silk thread Rakhi

You can also make a simple yet elegant rakhin wit the help of the silk threads. All that you need to do is twist the thread in a way that fornms a motif. The best part about this rakhi is that silk thread is is considered to have religious significance and considered to be good sign.

10. Handmade beaded rakhis for raksha bandhan

You can prepare the beaded rakhis for raksha bandhan at home. There is not a lo t that you are supposed to do here. All that you need to do is take silk thread of multiple colours and then twist the multiple strands of the same. You must also ass the golden  bead or the bead of any colour that you like in between the strands to make it look more beautiful.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Best Ideas To Make Homemade Rakhis This Rakshabandhan. You may use any of these so as to make the best rakhi for your brother and impress him a little more this time. It is these little gestures that helps to strengthen this strong and pious love bond between a sister and a brother.

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